Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (Released 16th Sept!)

Hi, just started playtesting the second part, I love it already, but I thought that the beginning recap was too long, maybe you could summarize a little bit, and maybe you don’t need to explain the powers again.
Another thing that would be nice is if we had a side mission were we go on a date with someone, like in the first one of the series.
BTW, how can I play the rest of it?

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I very much enjoyed the demo. My only real suggestion after my first playthrough is that you might want to rename Earth Fury, since they don’t seem to be from Earth. There are probably only 2 or 3 people who even know our planet by that name in the stadium. Maybe Arboreal Avenger?


i actually like that alot

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Will we be able to overthrow the elders and set up our own galatic empire in rhis?


There is a bug in this game

-If you choose “build semi-sentient robots” on the engineering menu An error appears that says " No selectable choices "

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And i like your game, the whole story is futuristic, weapons, armor, everything is futuristic. I have a lot of prepared saves for when this one is released


@TheJake_Kelly3 sorry, I am a bit confused, which instance you are talking about? Mastha doesn’t get defeated, right? Do you have a screenshot of this?

@Raysa_Cristina20 you should be able to go on dates, please let me know if you have any feedback on them! (invited you to the private testing).

@SeventhJackel… well, I thought of Earth Fury as the ground (i.e. Fire, Water, Earth…), not planet Earth. Mmmmmmmm what do others thing? Would it be better to change this?

@The_Blaze That should be in book 3… I am thinking of this as a trilogy…

@Patrick_Cody02 thanks, that bug should be corrected in the next update! :slight_smile:

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I think there could be a sidequest after you have your criminal empire you could go there and had to fight another empire and have to fight them or the people that work for you start to have doubts and you have to threaten them or use other powers.
I really loved the game and maybe if you could let me play the last part i would really love it.

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is there a way to save Raas if not I think there should be.

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I think there should be a little more time between each fight, a side quest for your criminal empire to clash with the law enforcement, and the ability to find a prison to break out prisoners and recruit them.


I think you should be able to place higher bets

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Just posted some of the new artwork on my facebook page:

@Mysterious_Person those are interesting thoughts. Inviting you to private thread. I’ll turn them in my head, but please feel free to bug me about them in a few weeks if nothing has been implemented! Regarding betting… there used to be an option to place higher bets, but this resulted in the reader amassing absolute fortunes (which destroyed game balance). How much money do you end up with now, and do you have enough to buy with it?

Hey Adrao, long time no see. Sorry i haven’t been giving that much feedback lately. So here’s to making up for it: one of the main things that bugged me about selecting powers was the lack of complexity regarding one of the elemental powers. Most of them are pretty well defined and expanded on. Though the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is Air manipulation. I mean, the only actual elemental manipulation afforded by it is lightning attacks, which tbh deserves ot’s own category I mean just look at Cole McGrath.

Anyway, i think that air manipulation should have it’s own set of abilities that revolve around our characters controlling…well air. Examples of this could be various air attacks like summoning minor tornados, manipulating air pressure to create extremely potent air bullets (which could be the main offensive ability) robbing the opponent of oxygen (which could slow them down) buffering attacks done against the character (this could be an example of defensive abilities) walking on air, manipulating air currents to fly, drastically improving speeds by manipulating the air currents around our feet.

These are just a few examples, but I’ll leave air manipulation at that and move on to electricity. I’ll be honest, looking at the cover pages for both books, I assumed electricity would have it’s own category or subset of abilities. But all we really have is shooting lighting bolts. As I stated before, you could take a lot of inspiration from Infamous hero Cole McGrath just look at his abilities, but I’ll also offer a few ideas. You could manipulate electric fields that holds matter together, create thunder/shockwaves to hammer the opponent. Create a lightning aura that could act as the force field equivalent and enhance our physical parameters. You could also charge your weapons with electricity to make up for having lower levels of strength and things of that nature. Tbh air and lightning manipulation could be so versatile that I’ve only scratched the surface.

Also on a side note, light manipulation could so much more overpowered. Moving at the speed of light anyone? Lol


After going back over the power of light, I have to add that most of the things I stated about the aforementioned elements apply here as well. I mean, the only actual light ability is a bolt of light. You have more fire powers under the light section than actual light powers. Since I don’t want to flood the comment section with more ideas, I’ll just post some more “generic” suggestions. Bending light to create illusions, holographic projections, light constructs like something out of Green Lantern, light aura for defense, moving at the speed of light. Things along these lines will give the Light power (and the other elemental abilities) more of an identity.


I really wish there was an edit option on these post…anyway. There also isa major inconsistency with how elements effect your attributes. Earth and Air can give you the high eat forms of Strength, Stamina, Speed, Agility and Psyche while every other ones like Water and Fire only grant higher levels of Agility. All the while Light and Shadow only offer lower levels of attributes. At the very least, Light should at least offer higher forms of speed and endurance while Shadow grants higher agility and Psyche.


There is an option to edit posts. Once you reach trust level 2 (“Member”), you would be able to edit your own post.

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You can now add Hero or Villain: Battle Royale to your wishlist on Steam! It seems that the release date will be the 6th of August, though I am not 100% sure that this can really be achieved…


@Whatbife yes, I am planning to introduce that as another side mission, though it is not coded yet…

@Mysterious_Person thanks, that is a nice suggestion!

@BraveHeart70 generally speaking I am reticent to add any new powers (as I feel there is already so much there…). But, you make some goodpoints, so I added mini-tornadoes, condense air and air bullets to the air powers. Hopefully this adds some more options there, though I am reticent to add any of the others (some of your suggestions are structurally difficult at this point, and would require extensive re-writing, which I am not so happy to do at the moment… after Battle Royale is finished I might consider it, though basically any changes I make to one game I now have to do on both of them…)

Ok, I am going to do one last big push and implement some more side missions and stuff, before officially submitting the game on the 3rd of July (this is a strict deadline for myself, as if I don’t finish it then it’ll likely stall for another month).

Now, the main sequence of the game is finished, though there is room for some more side missions and options. Of the options below, which do you really want to see implemented?

  • Talking to and/or RO Kobb’ha
  • Talking to and/or RO Mastha
  • Gambling at a “casino”
  • Gambling at a “casino” (II) Extra games
  • Freeing criminals from jail (to increase number of minions as a supervillain)
  • Bar where you can meet other heroes in the tournament
  • Fighting second criminal clan
  • Extra information regarding lore of the game
  • Other (please let me know below)

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I was thinking something like organizing other tournament fighters for the rebellion