Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (Released 16th Sept!)

Oh i never expected it to work just thought it should be an option to try. At best i expect it to just piss off the Lanista.


Blank, if memory serves, is who I went with.

First fight- “However, your armor completely protects you from any harm.”

“However, your armor shields you from most of the damage, and you almost feel as if he is just trying to tickle you.”

But then "The strength of the attacks is too much for your armor, and you cry out in pain.

You recoil a few feet, trying to protect yourself, but Flying Death continues attacking. Again and again its powerful claws hit you, with a powerful blow on your head badly stunning you.

Kneeling down, you start to see stars floating around you, while desperately trying to recover. However, you’re never given the opportunity, and the next blow knocks you out."

So somehow the same opponent went from barely tickling me to beating me down…

Second fight “However, your armor completely protects you from the damage.”

"You recoil a few feet, trying to protect yourself, but Ruby Psyche continues to send objects flying towards you.

You recoil under the impact, though there are just too many of them. Eventually, Ruby Psyche rips a section of the pavement, which it tosses towards you. Badly injured, you collapse on the floor and lose consciousness."

Again, beaten down by an opponent who couldn’t even hurt me before.

Third fight “Luckily, your powerful armor completely protects you from its attacks.”

"You are impressed by its strength. The blows are very painful, and you recoil several steps.

Earth Rage then takes a step back, and launches forward in a powerful attack. It hits you directly on the head, stunning you momentarily.

You step back, though Earth Rage follows with another powerful punch. Kneeling, the next blow knocks you out."

Again, beaten down by an opponent who couldn’t even hurt me before.

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Hi BraveHeart, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the long feedback, it is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

The reason for powers to get progressively more expensive lies in their effects being far more powerful. So, a strength of 40 might seem to be double that of 20. However, an enemy with an armour of 20 will suffer no damage from a punch with a STR of 20, but would suffer 20 damage if the STR is 40. If the STR is 60, then the effective damage is 40 (double that with a STR of 40…). These issues were highlighted in playtesting during the first game, and are essentially balancing issues. I am open to tweak around with things if many people complain (sometimes people have pointed out that a certain ability is under or overpowered, which has resulted in changes in the past. That is thus the reason why things don’t follow the pattern you would otherwise expect).

Regarding the meteorite stones. Basically, players who haven’t read the first book will eventually not get any of the bufs coming from having absorbed the meteorite stones, or any of the training etc. In this instance this results in starting characters that might be less powerful than those you finished the first book with. Eventually, once the save system for the first book is implemented then this will no longer be an issue. Note that how many stones you absorbed does not have immediate effects on the story in this book.

The point you make about why somebody else wasn’t chosen is a good one. I can see that others might think the same, so a new dialogue set of sub-options was added to the conversation on the V-line train (incorporating the answer by @Dartknight, thanks!)

Regarding the picking of all characters from Earth… I thought that this would make the story less interesting (as I thought that having other seeded aliens to interact with would make the story more interesting). I agree it can be a bit jumbled, though now it’s a bit late to change (I’d have to rewrite everything…)

About punching the Lanista in the face… I’m glad at least some readers have that feeling! There is a logic to what it’s doing, though it clearly doesn’t care that much about the MC or others… and there is more of that to come! But, you might have to wait a bit longer for the change to punch the Lanista… it will eventually be there!


@black haven’t forgotten, I’ll eventually make a side mission about this! :slight_smile: (but, feel free to always pester me if you don’t see it in later versions of the game)

@Judarkus thanks for the screenshots, corrected those! (beta testing for the second part of the game hasn’t started yet, I just finished coding the main part, and have to re-read and debut myself, though I am hoping to start in the next week or two and will invite you to the private thread, together with others who have sent feedback)

Some points: the gibberish was meant to indicate that the person was too drunk to be coherent, but I have rephrased slightly now, thanks!

@domthestar thanks for the suggestion, I added three new options there! ( thought the results are basically what @Talyrion suggested, and you agree also with but, it does add flavour to that part of the game for those with such powers! :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, I see what you mean. I’ve changed the descriptions a bit, as I agree that otherwise it seems strange. But, basically the amount of damage inflicted on the MC depends on the type of attack, and increases or decreases according to their actions. Anyway, hopefully modifying the text a bit decreases this feeling of inconsistency…


Another sugestion to do with emotional manipulation. When the two other gladiators (cant remember their names will edit in later) get into a fight early in the game i felt like you should have been able to use emotional manipulation to calm them down, especially since it has been used to do the exact same thing before with different people. (such as in mongolia)

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That’s a great suggestion! I just added this to the game, and pushed a new update following all the feedback in the thread earlier (plus some other in private threads).

Otherwise, I am going to try to concentrate on re-reading the game tomorrow and during the next few days.


Is the last 3 choice is a loop since i can choose it again and again and why it say try to mind control the lanista but the choice say control steel astronaut ? And sorry since i don’t know how to link the screen shot but it is the first choice after we finish picking our relationship.

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@adrao bug report!

another bug i found

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General Feedback:

  • I like the arena battle setting
  • I feel there should be more “urgency” or “irritation” options. being kidnapped on the cusp of taking over the world and must of my options while forced to fight in a horrible space-arena are like “chill out with your buds”
  • More “supervillain” options - lots of friendly interactions but few opportunities for my p*ssed of supervillain to be the supervillain mastermind she is
  • options for use of powers outside of combat seem limited.
  • when you are answering questions about your own thoughts i feel there is a lack of villain options sometimes

Specific feedback:

  • the “powers” tab in stats needs some re-working as it mashes some powers together on one line and lists others in a column seemingly without specific reasons for doing so
  • when Joo and (Raas?) are fighting there is no option to just say you don’t care
  • no option to say you don’t care about their opinion with the “the smelly ones are often the best fighters!” choice
  • I chose snake-form transormation as my main power but I did not see an option to transform in the first battle against Flying Death
  • Don’t seem to be any vampire references beyond blood being in the fridge at the beginning
  • lost track of who the characters were and also what the different alien species were.
  • I went to see the flares as a vampire? Not sure if this was intended, cant remember what your lore regarding vampires and sunlight is

Hope these are helpful, really liked the first game so looking forward to seeing the finished version.


Another suggestion. The cat gladiator asks about what is done with babies who are malformed etc. I felt like a telepath should have been able to read her mind to find out her opinion on it before answering.
Also during the fight with the tree there was no option to try to take over their mind like with flying death. This is the same with the ruby telepath gladiator.

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Sorry to everybody that I haven’t replied to yet either in this thread or privately (@Patar, etc). I’m once again into full writing mode and testing the game myself. However, I really appreciate all the comments and feedback received, and will eventually incorporate them and reply to each person separately (please bear with me for a few days).


@domthestar It is possible to mind control the Ruby Telepath after you build up mental defences and invade its mind the next turn. You then fail to as she says something around the lines of expecting it.

Also if we should be able to know what Joo wants us to say it should be possible for us to know what everyone else would want us to say or react. Which in my opinion makes a boring game.

It also seems like you wish to romance Joo, the highest I’ve gone is to 97% with nothing really “spicy” for now. I do recommend you simply save the game when she asks a question waiting for a reply and choose the one she would like. If the results are not fruitful, simply load to previous save and try again until you are satisfied with the result. Remember, her culture is that of ‘the strong survive and the weak perish’ type of thing.

That ‘trick’ is also very useful for finding bugs as well.


I know about being able to invade her mind if you build up mental defense I just thought there should be a more explicit option as I did it by accident not realising I would try it. As for finding what people want us to say, now that i think about it I would have to agree with you that it might be boring.

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When your psychic stat is high enough I belive you counter the attack since there is already an open channel (which I think means a connection that the attacker has to build up) and use the one to easily, fast and directly counter the attack which could be a reflex but I agree that, if you want one, there should be an option to not use it and just have a battle where you use your other abilities and not just use mind control after the attack. Or do you mean something else with “by accident”?


I just meant that i didn’t realise i would take over their mind from that action. I wish there was a more explicit option to directly try that as your attack rather then it just happening if your stat is high enough.


Got sent down a weird path when I tried to ask Raas a question.

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Great game so far can’t wait to buy and finish reading the last ⅓ of the story hope you finish it when you have time and when you put the game up in Google play store I’m definitely buying.:heart_eyes::grinning:


@Blood_rose Thanks, hopefully that bug will be corrected in the next update!

@Black, thanks for reporting this… who did you pair up with to go to the reception with the Elders?

@Alice-chan thanks for the detailed feedback! :slight_smile:
Can you give me an example of the “urgency” or “irrigation” options you mean? Also, what “supervillain” options would you like in what is there so far? For example, where do you feel you would have liked to say something different? And yes, there are comparatively limited chances to use powers outside combat yet…
-Added option not to care during fight between Joo and Kobb’ha.
-Added option to say nothing during “the smelly ones are often the best fighters!” choice
-The text should now indicate that you transform into your animal shape at the beginning of each fight (thanks for pointing this out!) :slight_smile:
-There are still not many chances to use other vampire powers. I hope to introduce more of this during side missions (but if you have any thoughts on what could be done in what is already there, let me know)
-Regarding vampires and light… I’ve made it more of an intense aversion, but the solar flares I am talking about are more like northern lights on a bigger scale… so they shouldn’t be anything that would massively hurt somebody with a light aversion (as in, it’s still night-time…). Having said, that, it’s good to add a note about this, so I added some text to explain! :slight_smile:

@domthestar @Judarkus You both made very interesting points, and I turned the pros and cons of adding or not the option in my head for a few days. I couldn’t quite decide what was best. So, I created a new message that lets you understand what is happening

  *if (power_telepathy =1)
      Your telepathy detects very intense mental activity as Joo asks her question. Her brain is normally hidden from yours, 
      unless you try to probe it. However, on this occasion you feel that the question carried enormous emotional importance to her, 
      so much that she has lost her normal mental discipline. You could try to probe deeper, 
      but she appears to have had enough training on mental defences, and could realize what you are doing.

So, if you want to continue to probe, you can. However, there is then a psyche check… with the consequences of it implied in the text above. Hopefully this adds depth to the character and choice, and allows more use of non fighting powers (sorely lacking in the game so far…)

@Judarkus how far did you get with Joo? If I am not mistaken you should have been able to see her garden , though the next part of the romance sequence will only be available in the second part of the game (to space things out a bit). Did you manage to dance with her during the reception?

@LucHD @domthestar The option to counterattack wouldhappen automatically if your psyche is high enough… however, if your psyche wasn’t high enough you weren’t given an option. I thus decided to change things, and give you an explicit option now on whether to pursue the attack, or just shut down the channels. What will happen now depends on your psyche… I think this makes it more interesting! (thanks for the comments, that made me realize that!) :slight_smile:

@sljzz Aggh… sorry, that option was not supposed to be there, as I am still “building” the subroutine to talk to Raas.

@Lyle_Schiefer glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

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Forgot to say, new version was uploaded! (correcting the bugs I mentioned in the previous post and some other ones…)

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