Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (Released 16th Sept!)

Ah… I think you didn’t increase your INT? You need to start by doing so, or most things won’t be available (greying out isn’t a real option due to the way I built that sequence in the game…). Anyway, you make a good point, so I added a note for inventors, to make players aware of this issue! (thanks for pointing it out!) :slight_smile:

And… I just pushed a new update for the game, taking it to after the reception with the Elders (wordcount now is around ~31,000 words, so this will be the end of the public version of the game). This also fixes a few of the bugs pointed out in the last few days, and incorporates many of the suggestions made here and in private! (hope I didn’t forget any, but if you don’t find them in the game already, or listed in post #2, do feel free to let me know!)

Those that have given feedback (and any others that do in the future) will eventually be invited into the private threads for testing the rest of the game. This might still take a while, as I am still re-reading and playing the game myself (and the game isn’t even finished, I’m hoping to make some more progress this weekend!)


I chose the intelligence power. In the flying death fight scene, I got an option to teleport even though I didn’t choose teleportation in the power selection, am not even sure if I am able to choose it when I am an inventor. There should be somethings like creation of weapons or gadgets on the move.

Yeah, I for one want to know what being a powerful vampire entails since there ain’t currently any scene I can suck blood, or even happen to have a vampire’s super strength.


Okay that helped.

However, apparently choosing to be a vampire made my energy sword go away.

Since I invested quite a few points into having an energy sword, that was disappointing.


If you want a new way to use powers in combat, I’ve noticed you can pair time acceleration or superspeed with melee combat, but not with ranged combat. Running circles around your opponent firing at them from multiple directions at once sounds super effective… as long as you don’t run into the path of your own arrows / bullets / Lazers / etc.

Also, if you could warp time just around select objects or people you could hit the opponent multiple times with the same shot.

If you decide to add these into the game, please don’t feel the need to add them into the previous game as well. The MC coming up with new ways to us their powers in this game makes sense, since the longer we have them the more creative ways to use them we will come up with.


Unfortunately, that was true in the first game too. Becoming a vampire took away your stylish melee weapon and doomed you to just scratch people to death.

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ERROR: There is a bug in the game. Please report “Reception Elders Error 002”.

Also, the narrative of the fights need some work.

Being an armored tech hero, I chose the heavy armor, paired with the energy sword.

So the game goes on about how I ignore attacks, how they barely tickle, and then somehow I’m being defeated by opponents whose attacks were established to be completely ineffectual before.

So I’d suggest altering those descriptions so the defeats don’t seem so incongruous.


Well, here’s my little critique. There so many things I would like to say that, in order to give each idea justice, I may have to split this into multiple parts.

First; the choices we have for powers and abilities is fine as is, to me. I don’t really see a reason to deviate from it that much. Except for one thing, that is, why is it that Super Speed (4x as fast as a normal human) is 60 hp while the next level above, which is double the previously mentioned ability (8x as fast) is 150 hp? Logically, it should be 120, as it is double the asking price. That bugged me on my second playthrough of part 1.

Second, having to create a new character for the second part doesn’t bother me as you have successfully managed to offer up almost every major plot point in terms or relationship and powers. Though, through my first play through I had 91% fighting ability as opposed to only having 81% in this part. Also, I was left wondering if my absorbing 3 meteorite stones was properly represented. However the game is still in development so I’m not stressing such a small thing too much.

Thirdly; this has to do with the Lanista itself. More specifically, it’s choice of Champions. I find it hard to believe that it would be so impressed with MC and Aggy that it abducts us, but not Moon Crusader, Neon Butterfly, Shiroi Yuki, and I’d even say Mr. Watson. Each characters who, depending on how we played, defeated us. Or certainly have the potential to. If it saw us as potential champions, then there is no logical way it won’t see the others that way as well.

This leads to the second part of this portion. While playing through, I had the overwhelming feeling that this would have been much simpler and easier to follow if the Lanista and those like it, had to pick their Champions from one planet each. I.e. The Lanista would have to choose it’s competitors from Earth and earth only. What this would do is give the tournament a more streamlined feel to it. Instead of the jumbled feel to it it has now. How this would work, could be two warriors from earth have a match on the same day, with us playing one and having an interaction with whoever is going on after.

How this would effect the other aliens? Well, not very much, because our interactions with them are because of Lanista or due to events outside of our direct control. In other words, this would not effect it at all. Though, I am aware that this could potentially be hell to code.

Fourthly; I really want to punch the Lanista in the face… that’s about all.

Those where all my critiques (so far, lol) and I look forward to the next part.


@adrao I made you a proposal some time ago in another section of the forum and I will do it again so that you remember it:
in the planet Dha’jeontu can you add the option of making robotic minions and customize them depending on the intelligence and the level of engineering of the character make them more human or robots?

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I don’t know about the others, but since the planet we’re stuck on lacks a… moon, I imagine “Moon” Crusader to be fairly useless there. Seeing as how he needs the moon to recharge his powers.

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@adrao How do I test play the full game. I am willing to screenshot typos, bugs and errors to help with the proof-reading process. Also, how could I privately message you? Please excuse my ignorance but I am a fan of the first game and recommended it to my pals at school so I want to see if I can be apart of the process.




Thanks mate. My bad for not seeing that.


@adrao Great story-telling throughout and fleshed out characters. Here are found some errors during the read-through I discovered. Excuse the low quality photos.
“Best Shot” rather than “Best Shoot”

Was there not a chip in our brains that interpret alien language so why does it not translate, is it due to intoxication or am I missing something?

At the very end, Replace “Fire Night” to “Fire Knight”

Near the end of Neef’elmets’ dialogue replace, “other planet” to “other planets”


Sorry that I haven’t replied for a bit. Basically, I’ve been reading the forum sporadically, while concentrating most of my energy on moving the game forward (coronavirus chaos in that sense has been a blessing in disguise, as most of my meetings etc have been cancelled, meaning I can concentrate quite a lot of energy into writing). I’m really liking the suggestions, feedback and comments posted above. I will eventually modify the game according to most of these (if not all), and reply to everybody individually to detail this. However, I am refraining from doing this at the moment, as once I start to think deeper about something I end up getting carried away into those points (having said that, I have already implemented some of the suggestions made in the last comments!).

So, any other thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcome.

In terms of progress, I’m now basically almost at the end of the game (coded the next two fight sequences in the last couple of days, though I still need to tweak and playtest them myself). After this I have the ending sequences of the main branch of the game, and then I will go back and code side missions, etc. Playthrough last time I check is 47,000 words, though there might be a looping bug somewhere, and I reckon they are only 44,000 or 45,000 (which is still 10% longer than the first game…)


That’s longer than some stand alone games :grin: Do you know how many words total it is? (Or haven’t done a full word count yet?)

So, the big news today is that I managed to finish the main sequence of the game!

I have now started to incorporate the feedback that I got in some private threads, and will also go one by one through the comments in this thread in the coming days.

@Dwayne thanks for the bug report (the teleport one). This should be sorted in the next update (hopefully by this Friday).

@black @Dwayne the description of the various powers is on my list of things to do. It’ll be also incorporated into the first game, though it might take a bit to do this (as my priority at the moment is to continue with the second part of the story)

@stsword @Talyrion the bug of the vampire claws removing the energy sword is now addressed (in this game and hopefully also in the first part!)

@Dartknight I have now added the possibility to use superspeed with ranged weapons (and this has been also rolled back to some fights in the first part of the game, though not all… ). :wink: However, I’m reticent to include this time warp thing…


When did this happen? (about the text saying the attacks barely tickled and then you were defeated? Sounds like a bug somewhere…)

With the Elders Reception Error 002, who did you pair up with?

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At the begining the Lanista says their thinking about selling Aggy. Maybe if MC has the ability to use emotional manipulation they could try and manipulate the Lanista? Wether to convince him to keep her or to sell her it just seems like it should be an optiion.


To be honest, I’d be disappointed if it worked. Those people are enslaving superpowered beings for a living, they’d have been overthrown long ago if the first telepath to come was able to wrap them around their finger.