Help with stats and variable coding

Hi! This may be something quite simple to fix, but I having trouble figuring it out. For two of my choices, I have the variables for the personality being affected, but the changes never show up in the stats screen, or the wrong ones are affected. I was wondering if maybe I could get some input? Do I need to capitalize anything, or change it from a *fake_choice to *choice, maybe?

My code looks like this:
My variables:

*create Soft 50
*create Firm 50
*create Outspoken 50
*create Reserved 50
*create Genuine 50
*create Devious 50
*create Independent 50
*create Loyal 50
*create Emotional 50
*create Aloof 50
*create Hesitant 50
*create Risky 50
*create Pessimistic 50
*create Optimistic 50
*create Protective 50
*create Solitary 50

Can you post the code where you change the stats, so we can see what the issue is there?

Are you trying to change and represent opposed pairs of stats? If this is the case, see these:

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Okay, thank you so much for the help! Reading these made me realize when applying the variable in opposed pairs, depending on which side of the pair it is on, I need to apply either a + or a - to make it work. That’s why they weren’t showing up.Thank you so much for your help!


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