Help with inspect element on phone

So i installed a app (F12) that allows inspect element to work on phone (so i can edit some stats on the games i play) and now my dump ass can’t get the coding to work :sweat_smile: .
So i go to console and type Bushels of Wheat: 10000 but then it shows me this
󰀨 SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’
at :4:42
Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

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I’ve never tried to use F12 but I do use devtools on kiwi browser it’s super ease: just type “stats.” whatever stat you want to change. (Ex: stats.stealth=‘90’) then just click next on your keyboard. After that just play at least 2 pages before checking the stats.

My phone cant install kiwi browser so i cant use it

It doesn’t work

Try stats.bushels=amount

also you could try looking at the codes (like the bushels above) by adding this to the url( for this case since you’re playing the cruel guardians)
click the startup.txt then just copy the stats you want to edit in the console
(sorry for my english)

also everything should be a lowercase letter, it wouldn’t work if there’s an uppercase letter
if there’s a space in the stats you want to edit replace it with _

THANK YOU it worked!

Soooo im stuck again :sweat_smile: this time when i was trying to edit the stats of zombie exodus safe haven i tried to edit the stats for strength, stamina,agility etc and it’s not working anyone got any ideas why?

stats.stat_pool=amount <This is for the attribute points at the customize point (the start of the game)

stats.str=amount <for strength

stats.dex=amount <for dexterity

stats.agi=amount <for agility

stats.sta=amount <for stamina

stats.cha=amount <for charisma <for intelligence

stats.wil=amount <for willpower

stats.per=amount <for perception

You could see the other by adding view-source:
on the link and finding the mygame link
This is for the browser one though

if it’s the app one i don’t know if this allowed to say but download apk editor>click the app you want to edit>click the edit>click assets>my game>scenes>startup.txt.json just edit the stats in there

for this case though the stats would just change since the you would need to customize your stats on the game that’s why the editing startup above would be useless the customization code is in the BuildCharacter.txt.json

i recommend the “I don’t want to take the survey. My profession tells me all I need to know.” choice since it will be much more easier than the other option to edit

also it’s much better to edit the amount to 80-70 since some COG/HG uses fairmath you could go for the 90 too

Sorry to bother you again😅 but i was playing vampire masquarade the night road and i can’t seem to edit my wealth i tried using
But it isn’t working any idea why?

i thin it wouldn’t work on early chapters so you have to do it maybe end of chapter 3 or 4
also for wealth it’s stats.wealth=

Thank you