Help over Stats!

I’m having trouble with trying to create bold text below a stat_chart similar to how the stat chart is set up in The Lost Heir 1: Fall of Daria. Where there is a name, followed by health percent, then directly below health is bolded Specialized Training: linebreak then the word none. I’d like to know how by any chance to recreate that sort of effect if anyone could assist me

My code looks like this:
*temp naming_text “”
*temp specialization_text

*if specialization_set
*set specialization_text “${specialization}”
*goto stat_chart

*if name_set
*set naming_text “${name} of Teecelay
*goto stat_chart

*if gender_set
*set naming_text “$!{gender} of Teecelay
*goto stat_chart
*goto stat_chart

*label stat_chart
{naming_text} *stat_chart percent Health text [b]Specializations: {specialization}[/b]

opposed_pair Good


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