Making permanents in bold (Solved)


I have a doubt about variables.

The first one is already answered, thank you very much @Maxmansung and @daydreamsincolor for that :smile:

But, how do I code the stat chart to make some variables in bold? Like in Zombie Exodus, by @JimD, llike this:


I tried several ways, but it always says that such variables don’t exist, even if I have them in the startup file, like

[b.]text Name[/b.]


Without the stops, and I can’t make it work :disappointed:

Thank you very much for your help :smile: :smile: :smile:


You create all the variables at the beginning of the game in startup and then hide them until an event happens.

For example you could have a stat called “Brains”

And hide it on the statistics page with:
*if switch1 = true

Then at the correct point in your story have switch1 change to true and “Brains” will appear on the statistic page.

Edit: to make stats bold simply write them with [b.] before you write the stat code and then end them with [/b.] (Remove the dots)


Permanent variables have to be created in the startup file. A way to make them appear in the stat screen as the game progresses is to use *if statements in the stat screen.

eg (with proper indenting)
*if met_character
percent character_relationship

The relationship stat will then only show up if “met_character” is true.

Use the bold symbols around the text you want bolded in the stat screen. eg. [b.]STATS[/b.] (without the dots)


Thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling:

Then it would be something like this on the scene file:

Like that?

Then, to make them in bold in the stats page:

[b.]text Name[/b.][/quote]


Exactly that, just make sure not to miss out the Tabs when you code it properly


Wow, thank you very much for the help :smile:


The easiest way to do that is probably (with variables name, profession, and gender)

[b.]Name: !{name}[/b.] *line_break [b.]Profession: !{profession}[/b.]
[b.]Gender: $!{gender}[/b.]

(Removing the dots)


Done! Thank you very much!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: