Help! I need to know about how to make a story

I need help! Hey writers,do you separate the stories for male and female? Like do you finish the male choice story first, and after that you finish the female story or do you just write the whole story and simultaneously do it with both genders? Sorry for my bad way of explaining it…

No worries, I get what you mean, probably.

So, first thing 1st, us writers have our own way in writing.

That being said…
A story can be for male audience or male MC, another story can be for the female counterpart,
or perhaps a story can be told for both male/female as well as non-binary.

It depends on how is your story will be.

Most people write a story that doesn’t have to be hugely different based on whether the main character is male or female, and use variables throughout to make sure what the reader sees fits with the gender they chose.

Even if you want to have gender be a variable with massive story impact, I’d generally recommend not separating stories. Write a story with short branches that quickly re-connect to the main plot. Write the branches simultaneously. Have the big branch happen close to the end.

That’ll help you finish your game, whether the main variable is gender, social class, or good/evil. Don’t write two separate stories, unless you know you’ve got a vision so strong it’ll carry you through the headache of actually finishing a mega-project.


Thank you…I appreciate these answers.

Well, that would be the general idea yes. Most of us include nb (nonbinary) though.
Or just no gender article all together, but it isn’t required.

Coding wise, if you are thinking about breaking them up into two different story lines don’t do that. If you read one of he guides it should show you how to use proper coding to only use one story for both or multiple genders.

Basically you write them at the same time, adding in the scenes that will be different depending on the gender, and finish them at the same time. Certain coding commands allow you to split scenes and then go back to the original one, so you won’t have any problems just writing it all at once.

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Um… Not really sure what you mean, but if the question is “Do you write one story for a male character and then write a separate story for a female/non-binary character?” then the answer is no.

There’s some pretty simple coding you can use to change all the times the game says “he” to “she” or “they” and stuff like that, so that’s what most of us do. Is it coding you’re having trouble with?

What I meant was, do you finish the male storyline first, and then re-edit the whole story for the female, but it is still the same story.

Do you write the whole male story choice first until the end, and then go back up to the beginning and re-edit the male lines and femalize it. It means that it needs two works which could be easier, or I just kill two birds with one stone which is faster.

I don’t intend to write two separate stories as figuring out how to begin my story with majestic words is already hard for me.

I did a very, very basic tutorial on how name and gender variables work.

The short of it is you set variables, and then have lines like

!{he}'s definitely a {man},” the computer says. “Tell {him} {he} can collect ${his} prize.”

This will read as either
“He’s definitely a man,” the computer says. “Tell him he can collect his prize.”
“She’s definitely a woman,” the computer says. “Tell her she can collect her prize.”

If you want something that’s not quite that simple you do

Your prize is 
*if gender="male"
	a huge, friendly, dog. How wonderful, man's best friend.

*if gender="female"
	a big, shiny, diamond. How wonderful, a girl's best friend.
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Umm… just wanted to clarify things, Sir.

First, what would you like to achieve if you write the story for a male character first?
Easier writing? Faster plot planning?

Second, do you know what kind of stuffs that change if you play as a male or female or nb?

[details=If not]It’s just the pronounce. It’s just the way the other characters refer to you.
The difference is only a matter of “he/she/they” and so on.[/details]

That being said, writing for either gender is totally the same. Like Totally-Actually-Really-Massively the same.
And for the he/she/they, you can assign a variable for it.