Heir to the Throne (09/23/18)

I seemed to run across two problems with Florence’s gender labels. She’s supposed to be female, but:

  • “Your Highness,” Alden says and your attention snaps back to her. “May I present Lord Florence Penridge, duchess of Tessalyn.”

  • ’ Mourning? Who would his mother be… oh. Oh god,’

Are you interested in having spelling and grammar issues pointed out? :blush:

I’ll fix those errors as soon as possible :sweat_smile:

Yes of course! I know my grammar is trash so I’ll take all the help I can get.

thanks for the new update!!! Life is so meaningful~

Fox_Vixen, I LOVE THIS GAME. I think the way you write is really interesting, also I really enjoyed the story as well. I will be waiting for more updates for sure! I really cant say anything about grammar because I suck at that, haha. Thank you for making this. :slight_smile:

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@Shin_Lee and @Soniadora, Aw stop, you’re making me blush! :blush:

I have a question for everyone. How would you feel about a older love interest? And if you’re ok with one, what’s your age limit? What are your limits in general?


I think that would be cool, my limit would probably be no more than 20 years, don’t know to be honest, I don’t really care about age.


As long as both are adults (i would say 20 at least, bc yeah 18 is considered adult technically but like you’re still a teen), then just about any age is okay. It definitely seems weird after a certain point (for me, 15-18 year gap), but as long as there’s nothing abusive, then it’s all morally sound.


liking this so far!

as for an older RO, so long as the MC is an adult by the time it becomes a thing, I think it’s fine.
a 20-25 year gap is probably about the top end for what would be ok, though. Older than that and it might start being a little odd.

Also, found a small bug with the approvals, Cecilia/Cecil shows up as “0: cecilia%” rather than what I assume should be a “cecilia: 0%”

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IMO they should not be more than 5 years older than MC or else it’d start to feel…awkward


What was supprose to be a simple walk through the castle’s private gardens with Florence


I imagine my family with stay here until my introduction to court.

The kind of day where you would beg your fromor governess to let you outside instead of hiding you away.


You glance over at Florence as she walks beside you, the sun catching on their bright red hair.


Whatever feelings you had before about the new addition are pushed out of your head as you are confronted by the sheer magfiecance before you


“I never really liked princes in the stories.” He tells her.


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Look, I’m playing Wayhaven Chronicles where the youngest love interest is thirty years older than your mom, I’m pretty sure I can handle literally any age you throw at me tbh


I’m curious… why would it be awkward? If they’re both consenting adults I don’t see any issue.
Unless the MC was groomed to be with someone from a young age and then upon reaching adulthood consummated the relationship, I could certainly see it being awkward. Otherwise though, I think it’s fine.

Hell, I’d date Cate Blanchett and she’s a little over 20 years my senior. So long as it doens’t come across as some old person creeping on someone 20 years younger than them and it feels honest I think it’s fine.


Love the game so far and I’ll be looking forward to meeting the rest of the RO’s! :slight_smile:

I think older love interest would be cool, as long as MC is an adult of course. :slight_smile:


Well I guess I’m just bit orthodox. :sweat_smile:

a bit more practical, boring and slightly off topic answer as it won't really matter, because games

Also considering you are 28 and Cate is 48 you guys would fall in love and marry which (in a royal setting) takes at most 2 years so now you both are 30 & 50 then you guys have children who would be barely adolescents when she either dies or is barely alive which is very bad for the children…but since it’s a game we can believe that people live for over 100 years which won’t be bad but after some time you yourself would grow displeased with you relationship with her as she’s withered, old and 60 and you are 40 still in your prime-ish.

(Also I apologize if this is in any way derogatory for I don’t really know how to say this any differently)

Below 8 years or so would be fine… Just not as old as the MC mother :grinning:


don’t talk to me or my centuries old love interests again!!!

irl, i agree with all of you, relationships are pretty darn affected by age differences and the like…but we’re also playing a fantasy game where we’re the heir to a kingdom, i think we can afford to stretch reality a wee bit, especially if the RO is entirely optional


I think… i think it doesnt really matter about age as long as the RO looks younger than their age😂


This is true.
I’d much rather romance someone like Wolverine who despite being his age looks like Hugh Jackman, rather than Dumbledore who is approximately the same age as Wolverine.

It’s allllllll relative, I guess.


But why bother making an older RO if they’re just going to be exactly the same as the RO’s who are all your age? At that point, just make them young.

But they wouldn’t be exactly the same.
The conceit of older ROs is that they have more life experience, have had more time and opportunities to experience life and love and death than a younger character. There’s just many stories you can do with an older character that you simply can’t with a younger one.

If they’re a widow(er) their romance route could be angsty af because what if they feel like it’s a betrayal of their previous spouse?

And yes, you could try to do the same thing with a character who’s 25, but it wouldn’t quite compare to romancing a 45 year old who’s already spent over half their life with someone they thought they’d spend the rest of their life with. A death early in marriage is depressing, but a death only halfway through one’s life is just tragic.

There are other examples but I really, really ought to go to bed. Sorry if I don’t reply for a couple of hours!