Heir to the Throne (09/23/18)

Looks interesting! :grin:

Is Arthur The king Arthur knights of the round table Arthur?

Yeah, the King so loved the Queen that he’s never so much as said hello to their child. Rigggght.

I suspect the King never loved the Queen. Where do you think the MC’s supernatural charisma comes from?

Love and being enchanted are two very different things.

Mommy mindraped daddy is kind of an adult conversation.


The queen died giving birth to you. The king either blames you or seeing you just makes him think of her. Also ain’t no magic charms bro I’m all natural!:sunglasses:


I’m loving this game!

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Exactly. The King can’t bare to see his child because the Queen died giving birth to them. Maybe the Queen did charm him, but he loved her even after her death. If he only loved her because of a spell, he shouldn’t be so devastated, yet he was, for years. It makes sense, in a twisted way, that he’d hate the child that “killed” his wife.

I’m not saying the Queen didn’t have the Charm. She could have. But the King should be furious after her death, not mourning for her.

Also: if you need more facts @stsword why Rowan can’t be our half-sibling… he/she’s a LI. And that kind of incest may be okay in Game of Thrones (ugh, NO) but here? Mmm, I don’t think most people would be okay with pursuing your half-brother/sister.


Can we just take the charm off and get the girl already? :joy::joy:

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Correct me if i’m wrong but how can rowan be our half-sibling? There’s nothing that says lady alden is our aunt or if she married with the king. She’s just a countess who looked over mc as a child. Or maybe i missed something?

No, no, no. Another user said they thought Rowan was the child of the King and Lady Alden and I said it was unlikely because the King loved the Queen too much to move on and because Rowan is a LI.

I’m with you on this xD


Oh i’m sorry then, i must have misread your message before xD. Anyway i’m still glad rowan is not our half-sibling. Can’t wait for the next update!


While that would be very dramatic, I wouldn’t make Rowan a love interest if it was true. :sweat_smile:


Well, if you’re looking for adorable ROs then look no further! Rowan’s as sweet as they come. :smile:

And yes, Arthur is a man. Though there’s a big reason as to why Arthur is the only RO with a set gender.

Nope. Same name, no relation :smile:

Sorry but its not going to be that easy! These are ladies who need a little more then some charm to woo them. :wink:


Just started to read but love it so far… it was well written and the story-arc is very interesting :slight_smile:

i might had found a typo mistake , which i paste the sentence here for you to consider … :slight_smile:

“Why did you not tell me you were coming?” You mumble against her dress.

"You get not get my letters?"

Should it be " You did not get my letters ?

look foward to some more updates.

Absolutely love it and excited for the next update.

Love the game! Like all of the options!

Seems good. Will be looking forward.

Very interesting start, although short. Enjoyed it though.

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Hey, everyone. I know that its been a really long time since my last update and I want to say that I’m sorry. :sweat:

But on the bright side here’s a new update today! I hope you all enjoy this and can find it in your hearts to forgive me :sweat_smile:


There’s a bug when you go to help Florence up after the incident with the frogs.

I handled the bug! The rest of the scene should run smoothly now.