Heart's Choice FAQ

Yep! That sounds good. (I must admit, a small, gremlin-like part of my brain is thinking about Hugo/Nebula eligibility, but some things can’t be rushed, and publishing is about twelve of those things, ha.)


Is there a release date for the app yet?
Previously, I heard that it might be released on 11/7. Is this true or simply a rumor?

Thank you.

If you read the edit above in the original post, you’ll note that it says we hope to launch at the end of this year. I do not have a date for you today.


Ah thank you and I’m sorry. I must have been so sleepy because I thought it said late 2018 :laughing:


Please read the questions before asking one. Yes, they will be available on all platforms, exactly like Choice of Games.

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Will it be getting a mature rating on the platforms considering the content being written for Heart’s Choice is for adults solely?

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That depends on how explicit the sex is. If the sex isn’t explicit, then no. If it is, then yes.


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Just as a reminder: this is the thread for asking questions about the Heart’s Choice line of games and reading frequently-asked questions about Heart’s Choice specifically. Discussing m/f romances in general or other romance games/good ways to write romances should take place elsewhere so the staff’s answers don’t get lost in the shuffle. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I’ve moved the posts on M/F in Heart’s Choice to the Heart's Choice General Discussion thread. If you want to talk about M/F romance in greater detail, you could make a dedicated thread for that.


I’m a fan of romance so I’m really happy about this new label :smiley: and I have played a bunch of different games gxb/gxg/bxb so I dont think the games being gender locked is gonna stop me from playing them lol


Mary are you guys going to make a section of Hearts choice in the main website, like Hosted Games and Our Games? it will be more easy for people that dont get in the fórum at all, (they can check the already released games and where to buy them)


Hi there! Question - when exactly does HC drop? The end of my preview at least says “18:30,” so 6:30 PM, but is that PST or another time zone? Also, I definitely saw “9:30” elsewhere, but not AM or PM. Thanks!

That’s a great question! We really can’t pin a definite time to it, though. Lots and lots of factors go into the release process, and many of them are outside our control. (So for instance, even if we push all of the metaphorical ‘release’ buttons at the same time, the game may show up in different storefronts at different times.) We generally aim for sometime in the early afternoon Eastern time, though, and we consider a game to be officially launched when we send out the mailer. I wish I could give you a more definite answer! We’re excited about the launch, too, and we’ll let you know the minute it goes live.


you guys really should add it after the 1st released, is a very good way for us to know if a new game is released, i usually check Our games and Hosted games section in this website to check games (i also check the fórum reléase thread but some people only check the main website section)
it will be nice to have it there, also it will add more publicity.

Aahhh okay that makes sense. Thank you!

There going to be indicators of what gender and what love interest? I only play lesbians and asexuals.

It says what genders/orientations you can play, and the genders of the love interests, on the game descriptions within the app and on the Heart’s Choice website.


Hi is there any guide one of them thanks