"Heart of Battle"—Battle for love as a gladiator!

God, these are all amazing (As Remi Fanclub President I’m trying to think of memes to add but they’re a rather serious character :joy:)

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Aw thanks you guys xD

Fellow Chidi here as well! When Petra mentioned sleeping for twelve hours I was immediately like “LMAO same.” At some point I actually started imagining my MC as Eleanor if she was a gangster, and it was surprisingly quite fitting with her character and how she gradually fell for Petra.

My application for the Remi Fanclub (ironically it's Chidi, I ran out of meme ideas)


My favourite Remi moment was when I went to see them and it was the first time we’d had one on one time, we had a chat and they lapsed into silence. I just stared at them… we stared at each other… and then I left. So awkward. Chef’s kiss. 10/10 interaction


One thing I noticed is that there is no site version of this game, when it will be released there?

God, that is perfect tho. Remi is tailor-made my type. Large and gruff? Horrendously awkward? Secretly passionate and willing to display vulnerability to a trusted companion? Woof


Finished this this morning and I LOVED it! It’s everything I want a Heart’s Choice game to be. The RO’s felt fully fleshed out and the dialogue! The dialogue! I might have melted during one of the intimate scenes with Ferrado. He’s the perfect RO for me. MY super tough and strong MC loved being pampered and doted on by her very wealthy lover.

I loved the ending I achieved as Ferrado’s pampered girlfriend, living in luxury with Eryx as my other boyfriend.

Thank for you hard work, I absolutely loved this.


Just pushed a patch fixing a number of crashing bugs that have been discovered post-release.


My bad, hit post before I was finished Orz

So, I haven’t touched a Heart’s Choice game in a good while(just haven’t been my cup of tea), but this caught my fancy.

This was a pretty small-scale one in terms of scope, but, honestly, all the better for it. Feels a touch like Planet Hulk with the premise and it has great fun with it. Only one playthrough for now, but I can see myself going for another.

In terms of plot…

I loved it. You would think it would get stale, having only the arena and Ferraro’s estate as settings, but the situations keep you on your toes-a collapse in the arena, dealing with rebel forces, having an army rival at your back-it all shows that there is movement, without being flighty.

Connecting to that, the enclosed setting also forces more depth for said setting-the Romanesque feel of the gladiatorial sport makes for nice interplay with nobility and rebellion, whether you lose your humanity in trying to survive, etc. And it teases just enough(especially in the estate section) of a world outside of this, giving even more of a living world feeling.

In terms of characters(random genders here):

Eryx was a fun boi, embodying the fancy, hedonistic showman to a T. Helped give some levity to the dark tone and has some surprising depths to his character, what with his refusal to fight ironically forcing him to fight in an arena and how he does show his caring side in his own way.

His foil, good old Remi was almost my pick for romance. The quiet, soft-spoken one with a smoldering fire waiting to be re-lit after failing once, I can see going for him if I went a good bit more rebellious. It was quite nice to reignite his passion, and even more so on how adorably loving he could be.

The reason I didn’t go for Remi, however, was Petra. I am a sucker for healing archetypes and with being in the medical field myself and…empathizing a bit with sometimes pushing one’s self too far(“I should be doing more”) they resonated with me really well. The incident with Aztore did give them some needed backbone and while their backstory didn’t totally make waves, it worked well enough for me to go for them hard.

Also, slight tangent, but I do appreciate that there is some nuance with the romance here in general-each character has their own way of taking it so those that go for poly or mono(me for the latter) can have their fun and that you can go for casual or hold off until the very end(which I did for Petra). The ability to have that poly/mono choice is impressive, and even more so that you’re able to choose your timing on when to…“pull your trigger”, as it were, unlike having to choose now at one point in the romance or forever hold your peace. Ya also have a chance to pair the spares with Eryx and Remi so they don’t get lost in the sauce if you break their hearts. And, of course, the bedroom action is quite a nice read without going into purple prose territory, well done.

Back to the characters, Aztore was a good rival. Even playing a goody-goody, I really did want to punch her face in some times. The incident with you going up against her did at least round her out a little bit, keeping her from going full blown asshole, but it was nice to have the more reasonable Lanziega to balance her out.

Velez was honestly the only one in this run that I could say was a full douche. And, honestly, very much needed, since his machinations leading to the final bout going up against Eryx got me invested into it. It is nice to have some grey for moral complexity, but having both Aztore and Velez helped give something to go and fight back against with no reservations.

Orrega, on the other hand, makes the Arena not totally evil-she has a job to do even if she would rather not have to, and since the system isn’t changing(unless the rebellion kicks into high gear), might as well try to mitigate the damage it does. Her family also works two-fold: giving her sympathy( and maybe a way for her to see some better ways) and also as a bit of punishment for helping perpetuate the system despite her relative kindness.

And, finally, Ferraro. What Orrega does for the arena and middle management, Ferraro does for the people at the top. Starts off as typical rich idiot, but the estate chapter really gave him some depth, showing that keeping up a mask can be quite tiring and that he can be quite kind when given the change. Also helps that, like with Orrega, you can get him to see past his own nose, which helps make it feel like your choices have impact.

All in all, there’s a little something for everyone here. Are you here for the gladiator stuff? The fights are quite cool and the stats checks are not too rough. Are you here for deep characters and heroic/villainy? The characters run the gamut and the situations and your reactions to them are varied and impactful. Are you here to fulfill your romantic/lewd dreams? You have many choices while not having the ROs all being MC-sexual yes-people.

Honestly, one of the best Heart’s Choice games out there.


First of all, I absolutely love this game! I’ve played it so many times already so that I could go through every romance path (some more than once lol).

I was wondering — is there a poly romance scene with Remi and Ferrado? If so, I must’ve missed how to trigger it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ack, i found a bug in PETRA ((not Lyra)) romance scene. Its on the “let me feel all of you” option. When shes having a hard time controlling her magic

I think Lyra is a healers name in another game. :sob:

There’s no Lyra in this game.

Re Remi/Ferrado: No romance scene except in your imagination, I’m afraid! While you can establish that this will be a thing going forward, I couldn’t actually work out a way for you to all come together when you and Ferrado hadn’t had any alone time yet! And Ferrado certainly wasn’t going to pass up on MC Alone Time.

@GhostofGrief , while I don’t recognize the name, I do recognise the choice text! Did you have an updated version of the game? I’m pretty sure that got fixed. Send bug reports and any screenshots to support@choiceofgames.com :+1:

@Thecriticofinnocence , thank you for the in depth review, it’s wonderful to see what you thought of the characters! And yes. It’s definitely what I was intending to do with Velez!

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Just finished playing Heart of Battle–I even purchased it to skip the ads and wait time!

I ended up gravitating toward Petra as my love interest in choice, because I enjoy my healer characters, and I enjoyed how it was more slow burn than Remi’s and Eryx’s storylines. Not that it stopped me from exploring my options. :stuck_out_tongue: I also pursued the rebels’ storyline and delighted in how it ended.

In short, it scratched my gladiator romance itch. I’ve already recommended it to some of my Discord peeps.

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Did you mean the site/web version? I just opened the page and you’re right, the latest title is still Freshman Magic.


@AletheiaKnights Yeah, I just sent a quick email. Though it’s Saturday so I understand if it’s not updated immediately.

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Great game!

Is it possible to help the rebellion overthrow the system? I got the ending where I romanced Ferrado and helped my friends escape, but the arena is still there. Can you romance Ferrado and still join the AFCM? Or is it not possible to actually finish the rebellion in this game?

Have you sent this to support@choiceofgames.com?

Good question! While you can have some pretty intense staring and a kiss, you can’t formally romance Ferrado unless you join them at their estate. Escaping to join the AFCM directly means you just don’t have enough time with Ferrado to solidify that romance. Considering the AFCM lost Remi, could have lost Terez, and only just got you, it’s really only just starting to dismantle the systems on a wider scale. But if the MC supports them and gets Ferrado on the case, I think they have a good chance of making solid progress over the coming years.


Yeah, site version

Love this game, I’ve played through like five times already!

Can anyone give me some tips on how to get Velez and Lanziega to like you. I’ve never managed it in my runs?

Is there a known issue, that when you bought the adfree version it still has a waiting Timer? Or should I just contact Support?