COMING THURSDAY: "Belle-de-Nuit," New Heart's Choice Author Interview and DEMO




What a lovely demo! I’m already in love with both Amaryllis and Sebastin. Can’t wait to buy this!

Neeeeeeeed… I need it…

I have a real love for cloack and dagger. Les 3 mousquetaires, le comte de Montecristo, Fracasse, l’ile aux pirates, 7e mer…

Many thanks to the author (and I loved never date werewolves).


This looks gorgeous, the writing is sharp and funny and it’s absolutely dripping with atmosphere! I’m so looking forward to playing more on launch day!

I really enjoyed the first part of this. I’ve always loved the duelist concept, and it’s executed immaculately.

Unfortunately, the scene where you have to seduce Sebastian was so uncomfortable with a gay MC that I had to stop reading. It may just be a personal thing, though.

More about that scene under the cut:

I get it if the scene is mandatory, but I wish there were more options to express discomfort with Sebastian’s interest in the MC, at least internally if not externally. My MC obviously also would’ve hated the idea in the first place, even if she had to do it. I was really caught off guard when the text said that my MC enjoyed the conversation with him, especially when he was touching her and making sexual references.

Also, he’s forward about wanting to sleep with the MC, and if you try to stall, he actually follows the MC to Amaryllis’ room and starts touching her shoulder. Keep stalling, and your options eventually become “sleep with him, be angry (but still turned on), or just admit the jig is up.” If you pick the last option, he gets super pissy and storms out. I don’t think there’s ever any references to being squicked out about Sebastian’s actions (which definitely would’ve applied to my MC), but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Basically, the option to play as a gay woman kind of felt more like an option to play as a bi woman who chooses to only romance women. But it could be that I’m just being weird about it, and most people don’t think there’s an issue.


I strongly agree. I know the argument’s been made on another story that a gay woman can “flirt” with men (be it to manipulate or whatever) without being attracted to them, but it doesn’t make it any less awful to sit through, especially when it’s a long, painfully drawn out scene like here. It doesn’t help that we can’t specify our sexuality, so it always has the assumption that you might be into the prick instead of having the character hating it just as much as you do.


Good to know I’m not alone, then! :sweat_smile:

Going through an unavoidable scene where the MC is deliberately presented as a sexual object for a man was…uh, not pleasant. I thought the beginning was fine because the MC is clearly resistant to the plan to pose as a courtesan, but everything after that started setting off alarm bells in my head.

I’m sure a lot of people could flirt with someone they weren’t attracted to at all if they forced themselves to, but like you said, it would feel gross.


Noooo I’ve been waiting for this and the demo ended too sooooon :sob: Can’t wait for Thursday!

There is a mistake in the interview “There is an interesting gap there, where Louis XVIII has died, and Louis XIV is too young to rule”. It should be ‘Louis XIII’ and not ‘Louis XVIII’.

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I was able to talk to him without seducing him in that scene. I was able to get out of that scene without him getting angry and without sleeping with him.


We’ve pushed a patch to the demo. Please try now.


I really enjoyed playing the demo. I can’t wait to play the full version soon!

Yes, the added option makes that scene much more tolerable. Thank you! I’m really glad this feedback was taken into account even this close to release. In the first page of the next chapter, though, I did get a bug where the game thought I slept with Sebastian.


I’ve got a question. Will the born place of mc have some impact on the story?

I got too, even though my MC d8d sleep with him

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There was this bit of text which clearly is wrong. When Sebastian and his master go to the Belle-de-nuit, there is a moment in the conversation where things can escalate.

I refused, replying I was there just to talk, and next morning when I wake up I see this:

“And there is, of course, the night of his visit itself. M. Denjeux and Sebastian are none the wiser, but you remember the taste of Sebastian’s skin, the tang of sweat against his lips, the warmth of your two bodies gasping against each other.”

Unless it was a weird dream, that didnt happen.


Not for the most part. You get some different paragraphs near the beginning with Jacynthe if you’re also Chinese though.


Aghhh I could gush about this for ages tbh, and I’ve just played the demo. Can’t wait to play the full thing when it releases in a few hours

This is great- I love the positive and safe depiction of sex work, and how it’s the right fit for some people, not for others, and it’s no shame either way. I don’t often see truly sex work positive works of fiction, and this might seem like a low bar to some, but even fiction that DOES include sex work doesn’t seem to understand more nuanced things like issues of the actual worker’s consent to acts.

I love that the Belle-de-Nuit is a haven for so many people who struggle to fit into society, I love that it’s a found family situation (best trope of all time imo), where the workers all respect and look out for one another. It’s already full of memorable characters that ingratiate themselves to the reader in a fairly short amount of time. And the romance scenes are engaging, I’m excited to see how certain relationships develop.

And tbh, becoming a chaotic, sword wielding bisexual wearing billowy tops is actual goals


We got that bug fixed for release. Thanks for reporting it.