Having trouble purchasing bundle in App Store

Hello, I’m trying to purchase the “hidden gems” bundle in the App Store. I had purchased one of the three titles in the bundle, and the price for the rest of the bundle is $5. When I tap on the price for purchasing, I see a line moving in a circle for several seconds before that circle simply becomes the price again. No matter how many times I tap the price, I cannot purchase the (remaining) bundle. Is there something I am doing wrong? Or is this an issue with the App Store?

EDIT: @Samuel_H_Young Yeah, saw that too, now, missed it on a quick check and thought they might have mistaken CoG for the choices company (happened before after all)…

But yeah, emerald, contact the support.
It might have to do with the new omnibus app.

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When posting topics on the forum, it’s possible that CoG won’t see them right away, or at all. For issues like this, I’d recommend emailing support: https://www.choiceofgames.com/contact-us/

Hidden gems does kinda sound like a “pay-to-win” add-on, but it’s a bundle on the app store of titles that CoG considers overlooked but good.

Dr. Google/my sense indicates it’s an issue with the App Store, not our bundle. (We haven’t had any other reports of the issue.)