Have you guys seen any musical wips

Have you guys run into any good musical wips? I’ve only seen one or two and I was just wondering if I’ve been missing out on a genre that intrigues me

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When I first read the title I thought musical like West Side Story, Oklahoma, Annie, etc :laughing: but no, I haven’t seen many where you’re a musician.

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There’s Choice of the Rock Star.

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I’ve plated it like a hundred times its pretty short but it is good ill give it that XD

There was that official cog one that was Amadeus-ish one or something like that (can’t think of its name). Not sure if it’s finished beta testing or not.

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I’ve had an idea for magic being used through music. Like summoners only the music controls the monster. Fun idea but haven’t gotten to it.


That does around like a really cool idea

Do you mean Virtuoso? I think it’s in copyediting

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Yeah that’s the one. (Didn’t sign up for it so wasn’t sure if the testing was still going).

You should get to it. It sounds interesting.

If its wip’s u want there’s infamous and Twisted scene: an 80’s liverpool music scene story


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