Has anyone play House in Fata Morgana

it’s barely interactive fiction considering most of the choices happen near the end of the game. But far as visual novels go interactive fiction wise when it comes to storytelling I dare say it’s and top tier stuff that’s criminally under notice. plus I’m in the dark trying to discuss this game because it handled so many themes and issues incredibly well, many themes and issues that this community loves to discuss and it does a fantastic well. But the thing is I can hardly talk about them because it’s a game you got to go and completely blind to really enjoy the experience and I mean don’t even like check the trailer. Also it’s a great getting the sense all its plot twists are does cleverly weaved into the game you don’t see coming but once you do a second playthrough the foreshadowing is ridiculous. Mega spoiler it’s one of the few games that I ever see handle a intersexed trans man with Incredible execution. That’s not going into the treatment of women the nature of redemption and forgiveness and of course the damaging scaring, beauty life giving ans destroying and healing nature of love.

Please guys seriously don’t read the spoiler unless you played the game. Because this is an experience that needs to be done the first time without being tainted.

but if you guys want to discuss it spoiler tags please :sob: