Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to a variety of things, Choice-script to Television, I find myself at odds with the intellectual demographic about the quality of Interactive Novels and shows.

“Now that’s not so bad.”, you say.
Well so, enjoying Zachary Sergi’s work isn’t so bad?
Some people would say no,
Okay what if I told you, I prefer Johnny test over Breaking Bad and I’m older than the age of 7.
Some of you would slightly think less of me for so, but I could probably still show my face around here, right?

Now what if I told you that I think Fallen Hero SUCKS, Hitler was right, and Harambee was not in Heaven? You all would BRUTALLY sacrifice me to the Dread God Culthulu.
Luckily that one was a lie to make sure you were paying attention(except maybe not the last one), so I could pose to you this question, what are your guilty pleasures, do you even have guilty pleasures, what do you think of them, so bad it’s good, an over-critiqued masterpiece, please say so in the comments below.


Please tell me not preferring Breaking Bad was a lie too.


When you babysit your nephew so many times, it grows on you.


This is heresy right here! beyond salvation!

I command Exterminatus!

some people think 40K is stupid, I find its absolute disregard for common sense pleasing


Vintage Warren Ellis. It’s just my id. So much.

Edit: Horus was right…

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I love soap operas… :persevere:


I plead guilty your honor, aside from handful of awesome episodes I honestly would prefer Johnny Test :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I kind of didn’t like any of this year’s Oscar best picture nominees ( well not just that I seldom ever really like an “Oscar” movie)


I’m firmly in the camp of enjoying Zachary’s work so knock yourself out :smiley:


I have a heart for trash movies. For months, I’ve been looking forward to Sky Sharks (= flying gun sharks, zombie Nazis, and gratuitous gore) that’s hopefully going to be released later this year.

When I was younger, I used to beat myself up over my taste in trashy entertainment because I desperately wanted to be seen as ~intellectual~. That is, until I realized that you simply have more fun when you sit with people who enjoy the same things you do. Or people who, at least, don’t judge you for it. Sure, lots of it is so-bad-it’s-good stuff, but, for me, it’s also about the experience. Watching with friends, laughter and snark, running gags and insider jokes inspired by hilarious dialog. Exactly my idea of fun. :wink:

I don’t think I’ve played a CoG/HG title that I’d consider a guilty pleasure. (Unless, of course, repeatedly romancing Jury in Heroes Rise counts? :flushed:) That said, if someone made a ridiculous game with zombie dinosaurs, yeti love interests, a dash of violence, and peppered it all with cool zingers à la Ash vs Evil Dead? I’d play the hell out of that.


Adult themed visual novels(sometimes I just enjoy their simplistic stories)
Games like Saints Row or Dynasty Warriors, so I can just zone out and play.
Slice of life anime(Sometimes I just need some feels)
Cheese balls(You know those balls of cheese spread wrapped in slice nuts that you see at the holidays, sometimes I just buy one and eat it like an apple)

Hell most of the things I like, most people would tell me are bad or in poor taste. On the flip side, I find most things that are popular suck, ie any Tom Hanks movie, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, any and all rap (NOT) music, etc.

Ok, Jimmy Neutron I could see, but I’m not so sure about Johnny Test.

I second this. Most of them are banned in Russia for having homosexual themes in them so when I moved to the US a few years back I played them for the first time. I’m now ashamed of my Steam library…:sob:

It concerns me that you’ve yet to torch those heretics who would spit on the name of the God-Emperor.

Shoujo manga and novels.

Turning to edutainment because of a drought of any good puzzle titles.

Blue Exorcist, Heat Guy J, and Summer Wars.

My Beauty and the Beast collection… sort of. The “sort of” is because it’s a very mixed bag.

One of my friends has a lot of controversial opinions (which does involve Germany cough), so I’m more open if you prefer Johnny Test to Breaking Bad. I might, too OTL.

Fanfiction is a bottomless abyss, and I have a particular fandom in mind.

Run back to your High Lords before I declare you a heretic!

I answer only to the Golden Throne