Guenevere (WIP)


begins running around in the dirt
Also no, probably not I can’t imagine riding barefoot


Live like a native. Shoes are overrated anyway. Honestly, if I didn’t currently live in the city I’d be barefoot 100% of the time. :v:


Gross. Socks are god’s gift to humanity, to protect us from the outside world.


I go outside barefoot and get blisters and mosquito bites because it’s 115 degrees and there are bugs everywhere


Haha, when you live with hippies long enough you begin to acquire the tricks of the trade to get around things like that. Take mosquito bites: I used to be covered in bites from head to toe on a daily basis until I was told to put more garlic into my diet. Lots of garlic (pills if you have to). I’ve been bite free for 4 years now. :grin:[quote=“Lotus, post:8653, topic:1996, full:true”]
Gross. Socks are god’s gift to humanity, to protect us from the outside world.

What about the non-white parts of the world? They seem to be getting on well without socks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I seem to be leading people off track. Let’s get back into the deep end! I recently went through the game again, but this time with the intent of creating an evil!Guen. I feel like I was just being snobbish if anything. Telling people off or ignoring them completely, wanting the death of people, and making others do things for me. I felt incredibly guilty but not particularly evil. Has anybody else gone the evil!Guen route? What were your thoughts?


Chris Colfer played Kurt Hummel on Glee. :slight_smile: Very talented singer.


Does Guen have any siblings? Who’s the heir of Cornwall?


Makes sense… will just have to see how it feels mixed in with all the other “since we last saw Guen…” stuff. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Yes it is!

Pretty sure actual medieval women did not wear heels, and while Guenevere is in no way meant to be historically accurate, I see no reason to introduce that particular anachronism. :slight_smile: (I mean, unless people want to headcanon their Guen wearing painful shoes, in which case I don’t plan on putting anything in the game to suggest that she isn’t.)

Yeah, there aren’t really options to be downright evil in Book I; we’ll have to wait for those (and there’s a certain level of evilness that this game will just never reach).[quote=“mistylavenda, post:8657, topic:1996, full:true”]
Does Guen have any siblings? Who’s the heir of Cornwall?
No siblings, so Guen will inherit Cornwall and it will officially become part of Arthur’s kingdom (which it wasn’t prior to Guen’s marriage).


So she won’t really be ruling it in her own right?


Kill Arthur and become Queen regent. Problem solved.


Seems a bit extreme to me


Morgana is a mistress of black magic. She surely knows about herbs that effectively lobotomize Arthur (and nothing white magic would fix)…so he doesn’t have to die, but Guen would still rule.


I just figured something like heels existed foot fashion often seems like a unique form of torture :stuck_out_tongue: at least when it comes to very high heels.
Which again, I didn’t realize heels didn’t exist before relatively recently I just never really thought about it.


The idea of high heels isn’t exactly that new. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they were around in the Dark Ages, but they are older than you expect.

Louis XIV, King of France, was fond of them.


Mhmm I remember his heels, but that’s the earliest example I could have thought of. I don’t put much rain power into historical fashion :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure Jean has mentioned in the thread that it’s possible for Guen to get an ending where she peacefully takes the throne with any of the LIs, so this seems unnecessary. But that seems more related to the rule of Britain as a whole. I’m kind of interested to know if it’s ever possible for Guen to end up just returning to Cornwall and taking control there. Seems like an edge case, but knowing she’s the heir is interesting.


Shouldn’t she be the Queen regnant of Cornwall alone and it only absorbing into the rest of Britain when Arthur and Guen’s hypothetical child takes the throne?


Technically, when Guen’s father dies, she will inherit Cornwall and be Arthur’s vassal (as Cornwall is now subject to the Pendragon crown) in addition to being his queen-consort.

Yup, and interestingly they were men’s fashion before they were women’s, unless I’ve been misled.[quote=“Renicula, post:8666, topic:1996”]
I’m pretty sure Jean has mentioned in the thread that it’s possible for Guen to get an ending where she peacefully takes the throne with any of the LIs
Yes. :slight_smile: Lobotomies not necessary (with apologies to those who would like them).

It’s definitely something I have in mind as a possible “retirement plan” for Guen if she doesn’t want, or isn’t able, to remain Queen of Britain.

So this is a departure from the main Arthurian tradition, but in the Guenverse, Cornwall isn’t a kingdom so much as an independent territory, and Guen’s father is not a king (nor is she a princess). Her family rose to prominence in Cornwall through many generations of strong leadership, and the Guenverse version of Cornwall has always vehemently claimed independence from the rest of Britain. While Leodegrance (Guen’s father) still has a strong independent streak, he’s not stupid – he’s noticed that the Vikings, the Saxons, and the Romans would all very much love to invade the whole island, and he can fend off one or two armies, but not three. Hence the alliance with Arthur.


I just had a thought. When Meligaunt created all the Guen doppelgangers, there really should’ve been one Guen from a timeline where she’s never married off absolutely freaking out.

“What is this place?!”

“Who are you people?!”

“Me?! The Queen?! What happened to Queen Julia?!”


sometimes i felt like arthur loves lance far more than guen :laughing: especially because the wedding scene and when he helped lance put on his armor