Guenevere (WIP)


Why kill him when there are so much more… entertaining ways to see to Guen taking power?


The only thing I can think of is if she wanted to make a marionette out of him so she could entertain Morgana’s children…that’s bound to earn a few snuggle points.


Even though I love all the main characters and have good relationships with them on my Guen, I’ll still aim for an ending where her beloved Arthur dies and former best friend Morgana turns evil just for drama’s sake and to keep the tradition of Arthurian tragedy.

Plus, Guen can then rule alone!


And suddenly I’m reminded of my old post from way back when:

Guenevere proceeds to declare that her beloved husband Arthur has lapsed into madness and is unfit to rule. She then rules in his stead a la Margaret of Anjou, with the king’s sister Morgana as her consort consultant.


All this talk of killing or deposing Arthur every other post, with almost universal adoration for Morgana. Meanwhile I’m eagerly anticipating Morgana to turn to Mordred’s side and be cut down by my Guen. :smiling_imp:


I’d like to put forth the revolutionary idea of ganking everyone who threatens me unless its a docile Lancelot. If Morgana doesn’t bring her husband and work well with me…that’s one less dark magic user in Britain.


You… are an awful person (not really). Who would want to kill Morgana?! She’s lovely and nice and caring and evil and perfect and lovable and and and perfect. Meanwhile Arthur is in the way to complete rulership of Britain. I say kill Arthur! :triumph:


Man, you are all so much more hardcore than I am! I’m too much of a baby to choose evil option in games unless it’s practically required.

My “default” Guen tends towards dutiful and constantly stressed out by the demands of power and trying to balance responsibilities, so I’m not sure if from an RP perspective I’ll go for a Queen Regnant style ending. I’m curious about what other people chose re: what does Guen want for Britain? I said peaceful but it didn’t feel quite right; I didn’t really want to go for strong either though, since that seemed to align with more militarism.


ponders What kind of father do you think that Arthur or Lance would be to their kid?

Some reason, I could almost picture Arthur being this much of a softy to his daughter: (From the webcomic Oglaf)


That comic is brilliant! And accurate. Who made it?


he literally said it in his fuckin post - oglaf. he draws lotta nsfw so be wary, traveler


I can’t believe people actually want to kill some of these wonderful characters. I’m gonna keep everyone alive with my Guen no matter how long it takes. No one’s going down on her watch!


Yeah ditto, my Guen is far too nice and considerate a person to want to do anything horrid to her husband, Lance or Morgana. Though I suspect she’ll be at least slightly grossed out at Arthur and Morgana having sex, even unwillingly.


My Guen loves Arthur and all his silliness but she knows that she is not above getting rid of him. Guen wants to make Britain great so she knows that sometimes she has to break a few eggs to make an omelette. I don’t know why so many people are planning on killing Arthur for the throne, one can be powerful without a crown on their head. My Guen plans on having Arthur being king in name alone.

One of the most fascinating rulers I like is Empress Wu Zetian. what is fascinating about her is not only how she got into power during a time when women were seen as less as men, but how she managed to keep it. I always why she chose to get rid how her regent title and take on the title emperor. She must have known that this was political dangerous, yet she did it anyway.

I think my Guen wants that too. If something happens to Arthur, she will not be content with the title Queen Regent, she will want to remain Queen and sovereign ruler over Britain, ruling in her own name. Of course she will need the support of powerful nobles but she is not afraid crushing any opposition to her rule. This is where her second role model comes in, King Louis XIV the Sun King. When she is done with those pesky nobles, they will all be under her thumb.


Nah Oglaf isn’t a person, it’s the name of the comic. I was asking about who actually wrote it. I found the writer’s name anyway.


Lullaby For Mordred.

Also @Jeantown

Did you decide how will you go about options for hardening Arthur and Softening Mordred to keep them in character ?

Also if you want to Write Morgana that goes nasty depending on player decisions well there might be little bit of inspiration.

And since im at it. How i imagine atmosphere changing from Arthur Idealistic speeches into this

If he is hardened


@CaesarCzech haha, well, I have already reassured people that things won’t quite go the way of Mordred’s Lullaby (if you search the thread, you’ll see that the song has already been posted and discussed a few times). My Morgana will never be “nasty;” she’ll just have the option of making a moral/emotional decision to side against Arthur in the final conflict.

Um… well, I’ve had a basic framework for that all along, but no, I don’t think my plans will get any more specific until I’m actually writing those parts, which is still a way off (a long way off in Mordred’s case).


Heather Dale does make good music, but there are a few other bits of Arthurian related music out there.

Loreena McKennit did a song based on Tennyson’s poem Lady of Shallot:

For example, if I am doing something, I will listen to David Arkenstone’s stuff for background music.

The vast majority of his stuff is instrumental, but it might be to someone else’s fancy. Staying Guenevere/Arthurian mythos specific:

Here is Guenevere’s Secret:

There is a whole album called Avalon, a Celtic Legend.
From that is the song Guinevere’s Tears:

The following is a piece by a harpist named Lisa Lynne. Yes, it is an instrumental of Fields of Gold by Sting. I actually met her back at a Ren Fair 20 years ago when she was basically taking donations, etc. I bought all her albums that day.

To make it Guen related, sometimes I’ll put Lisa Lynne on when playing Guenevere again. And at some point I still intend to make a Troubadour Guen with Morgana.


Hmm… will the Lady of Shalott have a cameo appearance?


I think @jeantown said that Elaine, Lance’s wife, will be a mix between both Elaines of Astolat and Shalott.

I am curious as to why Lance has to marry Elaine, even if he’s in love with Guen. Any ideas anyone? Did he dishonor her, need to make an alliance for Camrlot, or ward off rumours about an affair with Guen maybe?

I do have two questions @jeantown that hopefully you can answer.:wink: Will Galajad ever appear in the story, and if so, as Lance’s son? And will Guen’s kid ever have a romance or marriage? I know both are sort of random. I just am fascninated with the idea of the role Guen’s kid will have to play in the narrative and what her relationship will be to them I suppose.