Guenevere (WIP)

I peeked in the code, and WOW to all the hidden stats. I think there are more hidden personality stats than displayed ones!

I think I’m going to make my Morganamancer convivial and fashionable, because yes the game really does track whether Guen follows fashion :laughing:


@bobsmyuncle Yaaaay, I’m so happy that you like it! :smile: Thank you for all the comments; that really made my day. I like your Guen and her changing attitude toward Arthur.

Good to know… maybe more opportunities will appear?

Every now and then you may see a tiny bit of WoW influence in the game… not much, but maybe in some of the fight scenes at Michaelsmount and Camelot… :slight_smile:

Yeah, there might be. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually end up using them, but my main reason for tracking that stuff is so that I can tailor Guen’s internal dialogue… so, for example, a Guen who has consistently made fashionable choices might think about clothes at some point where another Guen would not. We’ll see if I can actually pull that off!


Now I’m curious, how do you look at the code?

My Lance-Mancing Guen is a sword fighter. It’s not that I won’t or haven’t shipped characters of different fighting styles, but I like shipping characters of the same class because it gives them an excuse to hang out with each other early on. I may also be a sucker for the sparring/practicing with each other turns into kissing etc. trope. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If we’re talking about favorite scenes, I like:
Anytime Guen can make Morgana smile/laugh; I loved that part where Guen can suggest the knights might carry the :sheep: out and Morgana laughs because that’s all she’s going to think about when she sees them
All the different uses I’ve found so far for the carrot. My favorite is trading it for the doppleganger’s help because I’m both baffled and amused by her eating it so fast she’s practically inhaling it.


I can see that, too bad Sir Maris and Sir Bretta weren’t playing along :stuck_out_tongue:

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@jeantown I am so happy you finished Camelot!!! :grin::grin::grin: that’s my main Guen chosen path.


Instructions below are for the new dashingdon link. I use chrome on windows, but you should be able to adapt this method to other browsers and operating systems with some googling.

  1. Open the link to the game (Guenevere)
  2. Open the browser console (ctrl shift j)
  3. Paste this code: allScenes[“startup”].lines.join("\n");
  4. You should see a list of labeled scenes in the console window. Copy a scene name that you want to look at and paste it into the code above in place of startup. Example: allScenes[“2_2sheep”].lines.join("\n");
  5. Read all the code and boggle at the things @jeantown is keeping track of. :grin:

Thanks to @CJW’s post in this thread: How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19) - #16 by CJW


@Lizzy You might get Bretta to play along :wink: in the final version of the game if the plan to make her a romance option is kept. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned somewhere that Maris is only interested in men though.

I think my Guen is probably also going to Camelot. Provided that’s one of the options after looking for Morgana first. :two_women_holding_hands:

@bobsmyuncle Thank you for the guide. Oh wow, the number of things being tracked is very impressive! I wonder if there’s a way to see a specific Guen’s hidden stats.

I chose to go after Morgana too, can’t help it, I always put my girlfriend before everything :blush:


I would have gone after Morgana if not for the shiny magic sword :unamused: I think she’ll forgive me if I give it to her and she doesn’t have to be exhausted by magic all the time.

Plus, this way I have one of the Scoobies on each branch and hopefully we can fix this mess.


It’s impossible for me not going after Morgana :confused:


Now I’m feeling like a terrible girlfriend for not going after Morgana first. Does that makes me the worst Morgana stan ever?? :cry: I already let her escape first so… sorry babe duty calls.

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No, it makes you an awesome person who believes Morgana is a capable woman who is more than adept at looking after herself, and trusting her to do what you would want her to do, and go be a bad-ass!

You’re showing faith in your woman!

You’re being a good girlfriend! :grin:

(Don’t worry, I never go after Morgana, even when romancing her. I think she’s more than capable to handle herself.)


Of course she’s more than capable, the problem for me is that she’s got no spell components and things can happen. Besides I’ll do better at whatever task I do if I have her at my side :smile:


I know she is capable, but is more a question of being with her. I want to be by my girlfriend side no matter what :slight_smile:


My view on it is that there’s far more to Morgana than her magic- most people know zilch about it, and she can just wave her hands and go ‘Ooga-Booga!’ and they’ll wet themselves. As we’ve seen with the straw trick on the ship, Morgana would be perfectly fine doing that, mwahaha.

Awh, yeah, I also would want to be with her, but my Guen’s believe duty comes before the heart, and that if people are in need, it’s more important to save them than hanging with bae.

Bae is bad-ass. We can be cutesy later. :joy:


That’s something that i’m not capable to do. Like in Life is Strange, i killed a entire city just to be with Chloe



I never finished Life is Strange because I found Max to be the most contrite, stuck up, unlikeable stereotype I have ever come across, and I’ve read fanfiction.


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Yeah see my Guen’s priority is Morgana first, everything else after :stuck_out_tongue: :heart: > all :heart_eyes:


For me the choice was to either go for my beloved husband or for my friend Morgana. And it wasn’t that my Guen thinks she is not capable. It was that we both get into this mess and arrived here together, so now going somewhere else without meeting with her first atleast would feel like betraying a friend. Morgana may be a superhero but we are alone in a foreign country and anything can happen. So we both as friends should stick together. We both worked together to escape and that escape isn’t done yet, so leaving now would feel like leaving her on the ship and saving yourself not caring what happens to her. It feels like a duty to a friend to finish this first atleast.
If my Guen could atleast meet with her first, then she certainly would send her on the exact mission she is doing anyway :slight_smile: But as it is now, Guen is torn apart, because she is that kind of person to do eveything for a beloved one but also feels duty to a friend.
In my main playthrough i will probably go Michaelsmounth myself, but send Lance to find Morgana and tell her sorry from me that i ran away after my husband :slight_smile: And then btw do some espionage work in Frankmarch.


See, that’s what’s great about this game:

Everyone has a different opinion, and all those opinions are legitimate.

Yay for @jeantown! She’s too swag for us. :grin: