Group Collab Project Idea

The group is currently looking for one more writer for whoever is interested and believes they have the time. Also, the genre of the project is alien sci-fi. If you are a bit interested message me or @Snowpanther for more information.


If there is a second project, or you need help later on, I would definitely sign on. But I am not far enough along on my first one to try taking on a second yet.

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Hello I am jaydeepsinh Dabhi from Gujarat India, I am writing a game and I am good at coding but not in story writing so if anyone want to help me in completing my game then please help me. Story of my game is that mc is son of current king and story runs in medieval timeline, so if anyone interested in game like this then please help me.

As it’s been several years since this thread was posted on, it’d be best for collaboration discussion to go here for the sake of tidiness:

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