Graphics Show on My End But Not When Game is Shared

I have placed my pics in the mygame folder. I then run the game, and the graphics show on my end.

When I compile the game, upload the game to Dropbox, and make a link available to people in Dropbox via a link, the graphics do not show.

Do they also have to download the pics separately in a folder? How exactly can I fix this?

Is there a size limit to each pic?

Compling the game does not add the graphics to it. If you don’t have an old Dropbox account with a Public folder, you’ll have to host it somewhere else (if you do, you can drop the whole thing in the public folder as is). (Note that the images have to be placed in the same folder as the Complied game for them to appear correctly).

I have tried several different methods with a different cloud service.!209&authkey=!AMZZ23Qew6eO-aA&ithint=folder%2Cjpg

I still cannot seem to get everything to work with the graphics.

I do see what you mean above. I am still having difficulty making the graphics appear.

I don’t think most cloud services will work. Basically, if the service doesn’t maintain the folder structure, it won’t work, as the images are referenced strictly by that structure (and most simple hosting services don’t maintain that structure).

I think dashingdon’s hosting (or a direct link to his site) allows image uploading (and is dedicated to CS games). Outside of that, was what I first used, and it still works (although there’s a week wait before registering and uploading).

I will try Dashington’s hosting at some point. Thank you.