Grant to make a game to get voters to the polls


Anyone have ideas for this? I’m thinking I could take a week off work to jam something out. My hip-shot idea is a time-travel educational piece, about 15k words. Kid jumps back to icons and milestones in voting history. Plays out either like “A Christmas Tale” or “Sophie’s World.” 30 minute game. Action-heavy with comedy to pull the reader through dry subject matter. Something ridiculous, like your traveling companion is the ghost of Ben Franklin.

Mods, sorry if this isn’t the right place for this comment. Spitballing. Cheers, helpers!


Do you think registered democrats are so disappointed by the current administration that they will abstain from voting ?


Primary turnout was down 50% in New York on Tuesday compared to the analogous one in 2018.


Is this just for people from the USA?


This seems like a great opportunity but I doubt my WIP featuring corruption and strong-arm politics centered around the American Presidency is what they’re looking for…

I actually think this would be a very interesting route for you to pursue. Franklin was certainly an interesting and entertaining American figure and I think having him as the center of this story would be great. Stopping by historical landmarks like the 15th, 19th, and 26th Amendment while also focusing on some of the closest races in modern U.S. history.

I know there was a 2017 Virginia House of Delegates race that determined the partisan makeup of that chamber where the eventual vote-count was a dead-tie resulting in the victor being decided by something to the effect of a coin-toss.

This wikipedia article also has a lot of other close elections ranging from State Legislatures to the U.S. Seante (including the one I mentioned above) with it. Regardless of the route you take the story down, it sounds like a great concept!


It’s not my area of expertise at all, but perhaps a willing and able dev could try making something of a puzzle game?

Challenge the player/reader to figure out how to vote in a particular state. Add a point scoring system and a way to show high scores, and you might just incentivise folks to internalise what they’re reading, if only to beat their last score.

I’m not sure how effective scare tactics and doom scenarios will be right now, if anything that might do the opposite of motivating people and instead make them sink into nihilism. So humour and gamifying things with a lighter touch sounds like the way to go.

If anyone does decide to take on a project and needs a willing code-monkey to tidy things up or write a few subroutines, drop me a line, and I’ll happily donate some time.


I’m feeling a little addled today, so maybe I missed something, but is this a good fit for Choice of Games? The line “Applicants submit initial ideas for campaigns that identify a pro-voter objective, specific audience(s), and multiple impossible-seeming tactics for reaching them” makes me this is for local-level activism, like in a specific city. The art would be very on the ground and immediate.

As video game devs for interactive novels are art is very ephemeral and exists only in an international online space. Unless our specific audience is the Choice of Games forum members? IDK, the way this application is worded makes me think they want like, public murals or an augmented reality game where a player wins if they go to the polls or a community picnic/concert free for people with “I Voted” stickers, or like taxi rides to the polls with quizzes and prizes.

That being said, I may be misreading this and if Choice of Games does do something, I’d love to be involved.


When did choice of game involve in politic ?

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They’ve always been political. And this project doesn’t actually seem that political to me - if I’m reading it right, it’s about encouraging people to vote, not telling them whom to vote for.


1st I really doubt it consider the “Link” and the program that promoted. 2nd I believe using a company build on making interactive gaming to push voting - no matter which side or just in general - is the definition of involve in politic.


If you don’t like it, you know where the door is.


Everyone’s well and truly in the realms of doom and gloom already, so also unconvinced more scare tactics will do a lot to sway people uninterested in the first place.

America really needs to institute Australia’s version of the democracy sausage. The smell of burning onions draws most people in on election day, otherwise there’s a site to find your nearest election point BBQ/cake stall. Strangely it does seem to work and many people seem more interested in the contents of the BBQ than the actual vote casting. (90% turnout this year, although granted they go out of their way to make it easy to vote here too which also helps.)


To whom it may concern



I’m not saying Choice of Games would be involved. I’m notifying the community about a grant where you could get paid to make a game.


This made me smile.