Goto_scene - what am I doing wrong?

I am brand new at this, so I assume it’s me, but I cannot get a goto_scene command to work. Here it is:

goto_scene jackie

my *scene_list in startup lists the jackie scene, and jackie.txt exists in my scene folder, all cases match up. Note also that I have the same goto_scene command in my startup, and it works fine. It,however, is tied into a choice, whereas the troublemaker is not - it is alone at the end of another scene.

I assume I’m making a dumb mistake, and would be grateful if somebody could point it out or suggest things I might be doing worng.


I’m going to say the obvious: do you have the command as goto_scene jackie or *goto_scene jackie?

Geez - I wasn’t even clear on my question - sorry. In fact, I used *goto_scene jackie.

I almost wish I hadn’t - woulda been dumb, but a quick fix.

Thank you!

In what way does the command not work? Does it throw an error, or does it just bypass the *goto_scene?

Showing us some of the code leading to the *goto_scene might help give a clue, as well.

The scene with the command ends with *ending menu, as if the scene was the last of the story. It’s like it doesn’t see the *goto_scene command at all. For the record, there are currently two scenes listed in *scene_list after this scene. Also, I just realized jackie is the last scene in *scene_list …maybe that’s an issue?

Here are the lines leading up to the command…everything above what is shown here is just text. Note that I did use quotation marks (it’s a conversation) - is that a problem? Maybe my stats *sets are wrong somehow?

I smiled through the pain as I waited for the morphine to kick. “You are a creature of habit.”

As the morphine began to dull me, I ruminated over that, wondering if we had gotten married and stayed together all these years simply because we admired each other’s kissing prowess. That made me sad.

*set Kindness +5
*set Integrity +5

*goto_scene jackie

Thanks again for the assist.

Just checking - there is displayable content in the jackie scene, right?

It sounds like the command did do something, or wouldn’t have jumped to the ending.

Yes indeed. A fair sized block of text. The only script command is a *finish at the end.

Yep. Every chapter in scene list should be in order, from first to last and I think you don’t need to use the *goto_scene command when jumping at the next chapter as long as your scene list is in order, it will automatically jump to the next chapter.

I never use *scene_list except to put the very first “scene.” The rest of the time, I use *goto_scene, so I highly doubt the *scene_list is the source of your troubles.

Have you tried running a quicktest on the game? If it passes the QT, then you know your code is not the problem, only what you’re telling the game to do.

I will also add this: for reasons I’ve yet to decipher, sometimes a game I’m writing will say “no such scene” (exists) despite the fact that the scene very much does exist. When this happens, which is rare, I just rename the scene (.txt file), and that usually fixes the problem.

Lastly, if you’re using CSide, you can use the “stepping” function to follow along with your code to see what it’s doing.

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