Good text/based games

I have about $5 to spend on a game. Which text-based game should I buy? (I got the Magicians Burden)

Good COG/HG games?

Well, I am instantly assuming you mean CoG/HG. Here are my recommendations (bolded ones have sequels):

Sabres of Infinity.
The Lost Heir.
Lords of Aswick.
Choice of Rebels.
Saga of the North Wind.
Versus: The Lost Ones.
Of course, you can’t get them all for 5 $, I just mentioned my personal favorites, but if I had to pick, go for Rebels or Sabres.

I would suggest starting with Choice of Robots (CoR) under the CoG label or Tin Star under the HG label.

Once you sample those, then you can try all the demos (for example the Choice of Robots author has a couple other stories if you like his game) for future purchases.

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What genres do you like?

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The Great Tournament was one of my first purchases and remains in my top 3 favorite games, I recommend trying it out.


One more advantage to try out Great Tournament is that, it is a lengthy free download game which you can play first :slight_smile:

With $5 , as @Eiwynn suggested … Tin Star and Choice of Robots are both epic games that will amaze you :slight_smile:

Ahem…Nuclear Powered Toaster is on sale for $1.99 until the end of tomorrow.

Or you could spend your money wisely and get Community College Hero, The Magician’s Burden or Choice of Robots.


Yea…I got The Magicians Burden :smiley:

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