Glitch (WIP Interest Check)

I have been working on two projects for a little while now and just want to do a quick interest check on this one. I’ve been a lurker from long before I made an account and been playing CoG since I accidentally came across Choice of the Dragon and the main label then Hosted Games, at which point the downward spiral began to I want to write my own, but this also is to get me out of my writing rut since finishing Uni.


Genre: Superhero, Romance


Heroes, what can one say about heroes? There’s a few of them running around these days, just as many villains too. Add to that, a good percentage of the population has a power or two, most just strong enough to warm up a cup of tea… although never doubt the power of tea. You see, the government developed a handy way of measuring the strength of Powered individuals:

Apex – Those with worldwide threatening capabilities, extremely rare, only one in known existence. Near impossible to kill, nukes advised or submission to the new overlord or lady.

Alphas: Pretty darn near the near impossible to kill mark. Bullets may work.

Bravo: Killable but may take out a fair amount effort to do so. Bullets likely to work.

Charlies: Abilities near nonexistent, either not worth mentioning or merely annoying to the person possessing them.

You can tell that list was written by some back room political go getter or poorly funded think tank. You, the darling MC, are not the only known Apex Powered Individual; you do not even rank as Alpha or Bravo, you are a Charlie. And your less than awe inspiring power? Glitch. The power to interrupt electricity, radio waves etc with a touch of your hand … or actually any part of your body as you found by accidentally sitting on your phone in a rather embarrassing incident. In modern day life, if you don’t concentrate constantly on the off switch of your ability, well, you’re in a bit of trouble.

Yet when events are set in motion to kill the only Apex Powered Individual, the beloved hero of your city, your life is bound up in the fate of the world.

Key Features

• Relationships
• Four romance options, (gender changes dependent upon MC sexuality choice, changes in dialogue etc, however each character maintains their viewpoint it is entirely possible to lock yourself out of a romance by doing something incomprehensible to a character)
• A variety of choices impacting on how the story develops (e.g. fail to appease/help one character will impact something later on)
• Choose name, gender and sexuality. Possible appearance editing.

I am messing with stats, so some invisible and others you can tap into but I am still changing things all the time there. There is one definite invisible stat however which can end the game. I’m still debating whether the relationship stats should be visible as numbers or text equivalent. I hope to have a decent demo by the end of the month at the latest since I have a good chunk of text written since I figured write now, code later would work better plan. Hopefully this project is of interest.


Well this does sound interesting so far, and I am looking forward to seeing what it is that the “beloved” Apex Hero did that would require a mere Charlie to take down. In fact, how exactly is that going to work? Is our MC going to be part of a group of other super heroes? Or are we a solo hero? If we are on a group, what level will our teammates be? Will we be fighting villains? And about our “glitch” power, you said it basically affects any technology that our MC touches, right? Well does it have to be direct touch? Example touching our bare hands to the piece of technology. Or can it work through our clothing?

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I think the entire underdog trope could be an interesting angle to take this, but I have similar concerns as @VioletHikari. How will a mere charlie beat an apex? Too many superhero shows have this all conquering powerful overlord who destroys everyone and everything throughout the story and then get’s beaten by a really sad/lame/predictable way.

It would be interesting if you can find a novel way to present the story arc!


There seems to be a lot of superhero-themed WIPs lately so this story would probably need to do some prettty unique things to be able to stand out on its own

The premise has potential but until I get a demo to see what directions this game is taking I can’t really say for sure, but I will be keeping an eye out for future updates


Yeah there’s a furniture based one and everything. But whose to say a Couple Charlie power is a Charlie? What if you merely need to amplify your strength and use it creatively. Though Glitch seems less like a “loser superhero” and more like expert stealth protagonist. Want to get past the keycard door? Glitch the reader to unlock. Want to slip past security cameras? glitch the camera.


This definitely sounds like an interesting idea, and I’d like to see how it plays out. Can’t wait for the demo.

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Relationships based on personality, not gender!? What is this madness!? :astonished: (I jest; this is almost certainly the best way to deal with small numbers of ROs.)

This certainly looks interesting; I’d like to see where it goes. :smile:

Wait, are we fighting the Apex? :confused: I read that as other people trying to kill the Apex, and us having to save them…


This game sounds awesome! I really like stories where they try to look at a popular genre from a different angle. It brings up a very good point when it comes to the super hero genre. If super powers did exist, most of them wouldn’t be particularly impressive, and some would just be a downright annoyance. If you like, here are some suggestions for less than impressive superheroes:

  • Hover Man! (He can’t fly, but can hover ever so slightly above the ground… Not very useful, but a cool trick to show off to his friends.)
  • Gesundheit. (She causes a brief, miniature storm every time she sneezes… Gets very annoying.)
  • The Chameleon. (A dastardly super villain with the ability to blend into his surroundings. Not particularly good at committing crimes, but generally gets away with it, as the cops always struggle to find him.)
  • The Dog Whisperer. (She can hear dog whistles… That’s it.) :yum:

Hmm, maybe I misread it…

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That story sounds interesting :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

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I tried romancing the news reporter in fielder’s choice. She said I was too serious. It’s not unheard of.

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Wow! I didn’t expect any response at all, mostly due to the amount of Superhero themed WIPs. Okay, answering the questions, or at least the non plot breaking ones.

@VioletHikari @nauhziy In regards to evil overlord boot stomping everyone into the ground and getting beaten wimpy style trope. I’m quite bored of that too, and I’m not going to say there won’t be a couple of Superhero clichés in here but I’m avoiding that one the best I can. Or at least, hopefully, it’ll be in a way in which you won’t expect, maybe? And there’s not really a big bad in the plot at the same time. I’m going to stop rambling here.

@VioletHikari I can’t answer all of your questions or I would be handing you the full plot and wouldn’t be able to get you to read the IF. As for teammates, and I’m using that term loosely, they are decidedly more powerful you and established in the world. Fighting villains is a yes and no, your MC got stiffed on the power score so there are situations where you’d be the equivalent of a piece of toilet paper on the bottom of someone’s shoe and others where you would be lethal.

The power works through clothing, think of it like electricity, some things conduct it like nylon or water but most of the time it’s restricted to the whole body, you could use your pinkie toe and have the same effect.

@GenecoInheritor Strategy is definitely part of it, playing to your strengths and your weaknesses. And you’re scarily quite close to my line of thinking!

@ParrotWatcher I certainly hope it’ll be interesting.


@Avery_Moore Thank you! I’ve always thought if the world was to have an event which resulted powered individuals, I would get something like an instant dry cleaning ability or antennae which do nothing. There’s also the larger social response to consider, thinking in lines if your power is so minor would it be worth revealing? Accepted? Or just make you a target? I’m trying to explore how the world would react through a few key characters and its effects on them.

Can I steal those with credit? I’ve just seen the stock boy at the supermarket; a hypochondriac pharmacist and the neighbourhood cat lady appear.

I think I’ve covered everyone’s questions, thank you for the response everyone I really appreciate it! :blush:


So it’s more like Watchdogs but you are more of a screwing things up than taking things over? Wow you’re sitting on a story that could have radically different protagonists. One person might be like an electronic Jinx from Teen Titans ( the cartoon one) a bit of slapstick comedy. Another could be a gritty Antihero or Villain stealing information covering up their tracks. Wreaking Anarchy.

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Lol, they’re all yours! … In fact, I stole the Dog Whisperer one from my boyfriend. (He can actually hear dog whistles and other sounds that are too high pitched for other people to hear… It’s a completely useless ability, but I think it’s cool.) :yum:

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Would their be any way to boost our mc’s power to perhaps go up a level? Or is this going to be primarily an underdog story?

I could see technology or some kind of drug potentially enhancing our character’s power up to bravo level.

While it is a more novel angle to play a more powerless character in a world of powers I also wouldn’t want my mc to feel helpless in fights.

That said I’m interested.

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Nothing quite so complicated sounding, this is my first IF using ChoiceScript so I’ll be keeping the branches from getting too widely spread and the MC isn’t that powerful. I intend for choices to have an impact somewhere along the lines, definite consequences on moral choices though.

Thank you! That is really cool though, a step along the evolutionary track right there, not referencing the Big Bang Theory or Sheldon Cooper at all :laughing:


Honestly, yes but no but maybe? There are options but I’m going to say the price is steep, power has a price tag after all. I wouldn’t say the MC is helpless but rather wouldn’t be taking on a beta with invulnerability in straight up fight. Plus different relationships render different benefits which gives advantages and disadvantages.

Sounds like you could rob banks with this glitch power even ATMs sounds like a pritty ok power to me still i would rather have a better power but still sounds ok to me ill keep a eye on this.

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Definitely sounds interesting it’s like the anime where the MC is very much op or useless :joy::joy: