Ghost Simulator [published]

Playing as the ghost? Oh, I’m all about this.


Lookin good!:+1: Definitely luving this story. Keep up the good work​:star_struck:


I love this! :heart: It’s so fun to play as a ghost and terrify everyone, bwahahaha. :smiling_imp: :joy:

Also, what a great way to end the chapter. :popcorn: Looking forward to rediscovering our mortal past.

Some things I noticed:

I get into a Dreamwalk after using Possession?

I tried (and failed) to possess Michael in his sleep, and then I seemed to get inside his dream and be able to influence it? Is that intended? Dreamwalk is not one of my powers.

Poltergeist is not one of my powers

Strange, too, that two of the three poltergeist options are correctly greyed out.

Poltergeist is still not one of my powers

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Could you spook only the children so that the children say its haunted house when the parents say its just their imagination​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You feel human again—even if there is a disturbance inside, which is Amber struggling to have his body back.

You hover to Amber and assumes her body; suddenly, you become self-aware of the joints, of the flesh.


Possess Amber and scary Ollie away from the attic. (Possession)


Poltergeist isn't one of the powers I selected

That’s soo evil I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I somehow read the title as “Goat Simulator”.


Also if you spook everyone can you still like lie to them and say that the haunting will ens if they help you??:thinking: And if you are evil can you still get a good ending also if samantha has high terror and manuscript guality What would hapen??

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Holy crap! This is SOO GODDAMN GOOOD!!! :grin:

So gonna go BOO!!! Let see who get a heart attack first…the fictional character or meh lol


I could select this despite not having Poltergeist

I really, really like this already and am excited to see where it goes


Thank you all again :ghost: It makes me really happy to see that people liked the concept of the story.

About being capable of using powers that you shouldn’t have: I am sorry for this. I just forgot to apply the “selectable_if” code to many choices when the MC can use ghostly powers. I just fixed the instances that had been reported here. Thanks!

Thanks for the corrections. It’s fixed :slight_smile:

That’s definitely a mistake… unless we go all philosophical about being so brave that you have negative terror.
Joking. I will fix it asap :slight_smile: Thanks for the report!

Good to see you here! Perhaps we’ll find the ghost of your favorite vampire poet in this game?

Thanks for spotting these mistakes. I fixed them :slight_smile:

Yep, you can be a malicious ghost and put the family members against each other. To me, this is one of the most exciting aspects of this idea: to manipulate the family members for the better or for the worse.

There is a “hidden variable” (not shown on stats screen) that is called Belief. It changes the description below “THE BROOKS FAMILY” on the stats screen. The more you scare the Brooks as a whole, the more they will believe that there is a supernatural explanation for the events in the manor.

But Terror levels are particular to each character. If one character is super scared and another character not at all, this could lead to remarkable interactions.

During Chapter 1, the family doesn’t have enough Belief to try to actively communicate with you. But you can expect this to happen later in the story.

The Manuscript quality variable determines how good will Samantha’s book be at the end of the story—if she manages to finish it at all. I intend to have multiple endings around that:

Samantha not being able to finish the book
Samantha’s book being harshly criticized and getting negative reviews
Samantha’s book being a success, turning her into a famous writer
… and so on

Thanks for spotting this. It’s fixed!

This one has already been done, I believe :sweat_smile:


how about our mc though ?

do we get ending like being set free, or be damned for eternity all twisted and stuff?

Ohhhh how about some Shenanigan with Medium Hoola Boola ? XD

And what are the chances of digging in our past ? Maybe the new family can contact a relative (lover…wife…husband…etc) to set us free…and we say Goodbye…(where are mah kleenex?) …

Or find out who killed us and use the family to bring them so we can go MUAHAHAHAHA all evil and stuff ?


Also is the five chapters the whole game or is it the public demo??:thinking: and can we kill anyone


Well written and I love the idea of playing a ghost XD I look forward to making friends and messing with the family hehehe

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So what if you don’t scare them, yet try to help and communicate with them?


Edgeworth manor. Is that an Ace Attorney reference or am I just obsessed with the thing?


This is great i am looking forward to more.


There is an error when you choose to enter the large bedroom when everyone is sleeping.

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This is fun! Good choice of epigraph too. Love Shirley Jackson.

I don’t have much feedback at the moment about plot, but I have run into a few bugs and typos.

Typo in the attic



When I try to move to the main bedroom after dinner I get this error message.



That last sentence should probably be “A puzzle that, like some dreams, might not have a sense at all.” Or something to that affect.



I’m more interested at the moment in interfering with the family than solving how I died (I’m dead. Why worry about it?) but it’s a good way of getting all of them, especially Samantha, willing to interact with me. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Last update: October 17, 2019
Update contents: Added “Feelings toward Elisa” to Michael’s stats, added the possibility of visiting the large bedroom late at night, added new minor passages

There will be a bunch of different endings regarding the MC’s fate, yes :slight_smile:

I definitely want to write a scene in which the family hires an exorcist. I think this might happen in Chapter 3 or 4. And I want it to be associated with the family’s Belief level.

I’d say that a core aspect of the story is to delve into the MC’s past (and, of course, the player will have control over it). You start Chapter 1 not even remembering your name. As the story goes on, the player (and the Brooks) will have the possibility of digging out what the heck happened at the Edgeworth Manor, why did the MC die, and why did the MC turn into a ghost.

The 5 chapters comprise the entire story. About killing people… yeah, perhaps. I’m not totally sure about it yet, and whether I’ll add direct possibilities of “self-harm” (like, for instance, in The Haunting of Hill House).

But you can certainly influence the characters to do some nasty things, that’s for sure.

I think I didn’t express myself clearly, sorry. It goes like this:

Belief: The family as a whole experiencing supernatural events, regardless of whether they are scary or not.

The family can reach high Belief levels, thus knowing that there is a paranormal entity in the manor, without necessarily fearing it.

Terror: A stat that is particular to each family member. It has to do with how scared they are. A character can become very frightened even if the character hasn’t seen supernatural stuff.

A family member can be scared to the bones without necessarily believing in the supernatural.

In the following chapters, I will add many possibilities of direct interactions with the family, depending on their Belief.

Um… yes and no. Hahah. The story on how I thought about the name is pretty lame, to be honest. I just thought: “OK, I need an edgy name for the house. How about… Edgeworth?” Lol.

But yeah, I played many Ace Attorney titles and I love Miles Edgeworth. I think it did influence me, all right :sweat_smile:

Thanks for spotting it! It’s fixed.

Thank you! You are right about the sentence and the error message, and they are now fixed. :slight_smile: