Gender neutral version of wachito rico

Hello! So I’ve been having trouble finding answers and I came here. If there’s any Spanish talking people on this forum who can help me, bless you.

So my problem is actually more specifically Chilean, but’s it’s still Spanish so I hope you can help.

Gender neutral version of wachito/wachita rico/rica? I haven’t been able to find anything about it anywhere, and I really want to include it in my story, but I can’t if there’s not a version for the nb’s and co.

Thank you


Wachite rique/wachitx ricx?


yeah I had thought about wachite rique (tho I was thinking “rice”, but that’s a food so- :clown_face:)

Maybe I’ll just do the wachito/wachita/wachite without any of the rico/rica because rice just sounds straight up ridiculous

Thank you so much for the suggestions


I was going with the spelling rule :thinking: like in rico riqueza. Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

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