Games With Good Romance?!?!?

“Add Wayhaven Chronicles…” HAHAHAHAHA It has been added like 120 times already. SHOTS ALL AROUND! #WayhavenMention


Pretty much all of the persoba games fit


They could easly call them

Persona n The Waifu dating simulator

Cons they are strictly mxf romances (exept P3 remake, but they are still just straight options)

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True but I can’t really recommend other persona games since I haven’t finish it or play it (I’m still stuck in persona 2).

I’ve played and beat 4 and 5 multiple times

Still going through some of your suggestions, but I can’t believe it took me this long to read A Mage Reborn. Weewwww

The first book is so good! Though I do feel interest wane with 2. I am excited to reunite with the original group. It’s going to be such a dramatic moment.


Obviously joining the wayhaven fam(take that shot y’all) when it comes to great romance. But did anyone else mention fallen hero:rebirth or retribution? And choice of hero those games deserve to added here lol and one super old favorite of mine choice of vampires.


Goddamn it, no - hospitals are already at capacity with COVID, we are NOT making the problem worse by tossing them an alcohol poisoning epidemic.


Blood Moon by Barb one of the best wip’s available now it has a great plot with alot of love interests to romance each one of them got good storylines! Plus it’s a werewolf supernatural! :star_struck: :arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down:

Also I reckon The Exile it just so good!!:arrow_double_down:


The last time I commented on this thread was…April 2020 and it was to toot toot about Moonrise lol. Lots more games have come out since then! Obviously, if you want more in-depth romance plots, check out the Heart’s Choice app. Those are traditional, Genre-with-a-big-G, HEA-guaranteed; character-is-king interactive romance novels. Basically every one I played is my favorite. Tin Star and Double/Cross are tagged mystery, modern, historical, and western, so lemme see if I can give recs more tailored to you @kirk_champ

  • Historical

    • Belle-de-Nuit might tap into those #BodyGuardVibes. The PC protects the inhabitants of a luxury brothel in the nineteenth century Paris. Reminds me of The Three Musketeers with way better (and more) kissing.
    • If It Please the Court is a sprawling mystery where you’re a sexy, sexy lesbian spy in 1700s Versailles. REALLY good romance here, with awesome character depth. Also: flirty knife fights.
    • Jazz Age is set in New York City, USA, 1926. Not very like, mysterious mysterious, but there’s a ton to uncover as the PC pulls the wool over the eyes of the FBI…or exposes a speakeasy’s secret to them! And does it all while pursuing a career on Broadway, oh my.
  • Modern

    • Vampire: the Masquerade - Night Road is set in modern day Southwest USA, which lends it a slight Western vibe, and there are missions where the PC guards people. In layman’s terms, the player’s a simple, lone courier working for a vast vampire empire that’s on the brink of total destruction–which you can hasten, re-direct, mitigate, or simply escape with your life. The author insists he doesn’t write romance well, but tell that to my folder of heart-melting screenshots of scenes between the PC and various LIs.
    • Dawnfall is a sweeping, hopepunk space opera with portals and alien lovers. It’s one hell of a ride, basically. There isn’t a mystery so much as a slow reveal of the world as the PC sticks more of their nose into other people’s business–I mean, listens to their stories. Super ace and trans friendly game!
    • Heart of the House is a Gothic romance in which the PC is a medium who must solve the mystery of a haunted house and rescue their Uncle! I haven’t played it yet, but Gothic romances always make me laugh AND rip my heart into itty bitty pieces…House on Haunted Hill, my beloved.
    • One Minute Mysteries is a collection of fifty-five (55!) of those tiny, tiny murders. Again, haven’t played, but I’m planning on getting it for my partner, who adores puzzle books.

Happy reading! Always happy to give recs! :grin:

EDIT: pour one out for me forgetting that murder mysteries aren’t inherently romantic :joy: PSA that there’s no romance in One Minute Mysteries unless you bring it there yourself!


Have read Heart of the House Many times, can confirm it’s got some good romances, although I would definitely file it under historical and not modern. I’m not sure exactly when it takes place, but certainly sometime in the latter half of the nineteenth century.


@biextroverts OOO, now I’m more eager to play it


Why is Prodigal controversial?

Something to do with being a murderous supervillain, I think.

My 2 absolute favorites have been mentioned several times before, but I still want to show my love and support for them whenever I can!

The Fallen Hero series and the Evertree Saga set the gold standard for me in terms of romance, and I fully expect Jolly Good to join those ranks as well, but I’m #TeamFitzie and that one’s a slowburn, so the jury’s still out.

Fallen Hero… Those aren’t ROs… They’re actual people, period. They don’t need my MC as a context to justify their existence. They’re not planets orbitting the sun that is the player character. If my MC were to leave their world, their lives would go on. I’m just a guest there. Malin makes me believe that. The series has touched me so deeply, it’s a bit hard to put my feelings into words, and even more so in English while being sick with what I assume to be Omikron, so I’m just gonna leave it at that for now.

Evertree: I find the first part hard to go back to, if I’m being honest, for several reasons. It’s very short, it has pacing issues in my opinion, and the development of the relationships is a bit unrealistic, the biggest culprit here being Lamuel (I get what kind of person he is and the whole “true love at first sight” angle, but it’s still hard to believe. It just doesn’t feel natural, the way it progresses)
Having said that: From Sordwin onward, they’re phenomenal. The story arc and character development for each RO is fantastic. There’s so much interaction, and the interaction is so well interwoven with the main plot, it really feels like you’re in a relationship. The new ROs also have a way better start than the first ones that were introduced in Evertree Inn.
And the greatest thing is, Thom seems to be a mindreader who knows exactly what you’re hoping for when you start romancing a character. It’s like you’ve barely voiced your thoughts to yourself and he jumps in like “Say no more, I gotcha fam!” YMMV of course, but it was the case for me at least. My favorite example of this is (Lux Winter RO spoiler) going on that mission with Hayden only to spend time with them, while desperately pretending to give a single shit about Lady Anya. You’re out there on your pony, and your ass hurts, and this whole situation is so tense yet tedious, and you resort to asking questions about the economy of some bumfuck village just to hear their voice and interact with them, and you think to yourself “God, why does the plot force me to be all professional and endure this, when I’m right next to Winter and just wanna-” -and then Hayden goes out of nowhere “I get you’re trying to play it cool, but you want me, don’t you?” - I felt so caught, it was almost 4th wall breaking! And I was so happy the writer knew exactly how I was feeling! And then we continued our ride, and my ass still hurt, but suddenly this whole mission was exciting! (…And the next day was even better +_*)


also, they aren’t completely stable

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Don’t know if your around but I adored the romance of Cream de la Cream. One of my favorites I’ve played.


Honestly, I can’t believe creme de la creme was only mentioned twice. I loved the story (although I may be slightly biased since it was one of the first games that got me into CoG stories) and there are quite a few romance (kinda depends on what you count as romantic) scenes depending on who you romance.


Personally I LOVED these games for a great story as well as really good/fantastic romances.
Tin Star - Fantastic story (one of my all-time favourites) and the romances were good: loved me some Preston!
Fallen Hero series - This is so good! Fantastic story and all of the romances are great so far.
Wayhaven Chronicles series - Don’t think anyone has mentioned this one yet. :wink: Love me some Adam (oh Adam… when will you finally just admit it and give in. :heart:) and Mason!
Evertree Saga - Great fantasy story and pretty good romances.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Parliament of Knives - Second best VtM game on here (Night Road being the first). It’s been said before but I’ve gotta echo: ‘Qui’. Yes.
An Odyssey: Echoes of War - Again, fantastic, heart-breaking ‘retelling’ of Homer’s Odyssey. I loved on that sexy Ajax so hard.

Works in Progress/Demos that I really like so far:
Arcadie: Second Born - this is my most anticipated right now, and you have to try it if you haven’t already! Really great, immersive (and infuriating, but in a good way) story and delicious romances. I know most people are into Cyril, but I adore broody, duty-driven Will and his slow-burn romance so dang much. It’s Will all the way for my princess. :heart:
Blood Moon - Really good werewolf game with a kickass MC and some pretty good ROs. The sex scenes are good too. Carrie is adorable.
The Exile - Great MC and story so far. Pretty good romance too, so far as I can recall (it’s been a while since I played).
Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian - Marcus. Camilla. Each great in their own right. Pretty good story so far, though hopefully it goes a LOT harder on the MC since I feel like he/she is getting away with way too much right now and his/her position wouldn’t realistically allow for it.


I just discovered Blood Moon from you. It’s really good.