Games With Good Romance?!?!?

Take a shot kids! #WayhavenMention


If you make this a drinking game, everybody’s gonna be dead of alcohol poisoning within the week, and I refuse to die before I figure out what is the deal with Morgan’s pheromones.

@Talaya I cannot, unfortunately, recommend SSW to anyone, on account of the entire game’s narrative being “you suck, everything bad that has ever happened to anyone is your fault, and the only way you’ll cease being a useless, pernicious little shit is if you let this parasitic stone literally eat part of your memories and/or identity.” Also, one of the romance options is basically Hitler.

On the topic question, keep an eye on Fernweh Saga (WIP) and MAYBE The Shadow Society, which I really liked and would love to see more of but I’m beginning to think might have been dropped (which is the only reason I’m qualifying it with a “maybe”). The Golden Rose (WIP) is also looking up on the romance front, but it’s too early to tell just yet - but hey, the demo’s up and free, so you might as well check it (same for Fernweh).

EDIT: You might also want to check out Sword of Rhivenia’s demo - it doesn’t have romance per se as of yet (because you’re a kid), but I think it shows promise on that front.


I know, a dozen posts up I mentioned it AND a trip to the hospital :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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it’s still a wip but cyril from arcadie second born is one of my favorite romance options :pleading_face:


Probably an unexpected choice, I know there was some controversy over the author’s choice to not include a homosexual romance option for a time (this has since been changed), but I’ve been crawling through wips and greatly enjoy I, The Forgotten one!

Obviously romance is not it’s main focus, your character is intact, a little too traumatized for it to be so, but the small romantic moments between you and your chosen partner are nice. I enjoyed Milon/Lada, haven’t come back to check Oberon’s route since the update but I’m sure it’s going to be angsty.

Only warning id give us to not read it if you aren’t prepared for a LOOOOT. of references to self harm, it’s a story that certainly could improve if it had a few lighter moments sprinkled in!


I’d like to mention the “W” word just for the complimentary shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as completed CoG, HG AND HC:

• I’m a fan of the RO’s in A Pirate’s Pleasure (like all of them. Though I’m slightly more partial to Lord Eden)

• Belle-de-Nuit also tickled my fancy

I kinda like CoG ROs a little more because the story itself isn’t focused purely on romance and a lot of the times it gives the reader a more fleshed out relatable characters.

• Qui from VTM: Parliament of Knives,

• Crème de la Crème ( I can’t count how many playthroughs I’ve went through with this game just because of all the different ROs!

• The Warewolves series. I love the ROs in these ones as well my only complaint is that the ROs share a lot of similar dialogue but the actual romance scenes are unique to each of the ROs.

• If your a fan of angst there is a certain knight from the the Champion of the Gods series that always breaks my heart.

Now as far as current WIP’s, there are so many to choose from! I would be editing this for days trying to remember them all! But a few that stands out for me are:

A Mage Reborn
Defiled Hearts
Arcadie: Second Born
Stars Arisen
Myrk Mire
The Passanger
Sword of Rhivenia


This WIP list is sorely missing Sword of Rhivenia, which I think is the first game in which I have NO idea which RO I’m going to go for first, because they’re all the bestest.


Omg your right!

Add Wayhaven Chronicles, The Exile, The Forgotten One and you have the best of wips covered :wink:

And also add Evertree inn saga, Lost heir of Daria, Soul Stone War in complete stories, and that makes it a goated list :heart_eyes:


Idk if these have been mentioned but these are 2 of my favorite Wips.

The golden rose by anathema. Which is actually supposed to be out in April. Also Hadrian is my absolute favorite Ro :heart:.

And Golden by Milaswriting. Which is awesome!

Ps I’m sorry I don’t know how to tag WIPs.

Oh and Shepherds of Haven by Renari! I can’t stress enough how amazing this Wip is!


Qui for ever and the Prince :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I highly recommend this game if you want a stress-free game that focuses more on the story/romance and not about super high stat checks that you will most likely fail and you have to restart your game for the 529th time and you will start questioning your sanity or whether your money buying this book is actually worth it. Yes, I’m totally not lying.


Ooooh, I liked the Golden Rose demo, glad to hear it’s coming out soon-ish.


Most of the interactive fiction that I know are already suggested so I’ll put games with romance that might interest you:

》Persona 3 Portable (PSP) - go to school, hang out with friends, fall in love, summon demons, fight demons and save the world.

》I, the forgotten one (CoG)- Easily my fav Cog and romance makes me swoon.

》Fire Emblem Awakening (3ds) - a startegy game but also a chance to make your ships canon (marriage/support system)

》 A Tale of Crowns (Twine) - If you like leading the nation, this is for you.

》Shepherds of Haven (CoG) - I like how the romance is implemented here, it feels like I’m watching anime when I read this one.

》 Oathbreaker by rinmaru (Season 1online; Season 2 windows)- more of a visual novel than otome game but the game is well written and characters are likable.

》 Tailor Tales (Windows) - Design clothes and romance characters. No bad ending here.


“Add Wayhaven Chronicles…” HAHAHAHAHA It has been added like 120 times already. SHOTS ALL AROUND! #WayhavenMention


Pretty much all of the persoba games fit


They could easly call them

Persona n The Waifu dating simulator

Cons they are strictly mxf romances (exept P3 remake, but they are still just straight options)

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True but I can’t really recommend other persona games since I haven’t finish it or play it (I’m still stuck in persona 2).

I’ve played and beat 4 and 5 multiple times

Still going through some of your suggestions, but I can’t believe it took me this long to read A Mage Reborn. Weewwww

The first book is so good! Though I do feel interest wane with 2. I am excited to reunite with the original group. It’s going to be such a dramatic moment.