Games With Good Romance?!?!?

Yeah next to Weyhaven Guinevere is looking to be one of the most ambitious romance focused game series in my opinion with romance with Arthur, Lancelot, Morgana and Mordred all confirmed and various ways to approach them, including different children to raise and an entirely different final book based on your alliances with Arthur vs Mordred.


@derekmetaltron Sorry for coming across as potentially rude, but wasn’t the thread shut down due reaching the magic number of 10000 and the author not updating the game (as far as I know)? Or is it being secretly written by the author?

Nevertheless, it was my first WIP here and the first IF I was truly hyped for back in 2017, so, hey, can’t complain if it picks itself up back on track, right? :grin:

well there’s a 3 month old update on the author’s tumblr so maybe there’s hope left^^


Well you just made my day​:star_struck:. Here, cookies as a gift from me for the great favour you have done to me​:cookie::cookie::cookie:

Jean is as far as I know still hard at work on the thing, she tends to have more time at certain points than others. But I always try to be cautiously optimistic that this will be the year that the second half of Book Two is done! Honestly her crazy complex plans for the series should be inspirational to us all! :grin: Plus she said she wants to release both prequel non interactive books with the three romances and a gender swappable Robin Hood game too!


Someone else may have already mentioned it, but The Soul Stone War has awesome romances, and even the slow burn ones show progress and aren’t dragged out:

Also, The Shadow Society has good romances:

A work in progress that has excellent romances is Supernatural in New York (this shapes up to be one of the best!):

And, as others said, Guinevere and Fallen Hero.

If you want some suggestions for non-CoG games (both Visual Novels and html based games through Twine) with awesome romance, I can send you a PM if you’re interested.


I do feel like we need more great romance games that aren’t supernatural, though Fallen Hero is definitely awesome. Hearts Choice is off to a good start with romance content - Never Date Werewolves and Pirates Pleasure are not just great F/M romance experiences but well designed and fun games regardless of gender. The dream of a solid M/F game remains of course but there is plenty of well designed female characters for romance in other games too.


All characters of The Wayhaven Chronicles (though M is my personal fav) and all characters of the Fallen Hero series are amazing romance options! There’s put so much heart into all of them. Guenevere’s romances are another obvious recommendation, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Study in Steampunk’s Finch is the most heartbreaking romance that had a huge and lasting emotional impact on me. All of Heart of the House (though they’re not as elaborate as in the other games mentioned) and Soul Stone War romances were great, too.

Daisy/Dandy from Evertree Inn / Sordwin is my #1 romance of them all. The character arc, the relationship development, how it challenges your expectations of COG romances. It’s so, so well done. D feels like more than a puppet for you to romance.

Edit: Fitzie from Jolly Good! Oh my god. One of my new all-time favorites.


Obligatory self-promo for my queer werewolf game, Moonrise. You get to smooch 2 ladies and one enby bestie! Polyam and ace options too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Final Fantasy 8, it’s a great throw back to 90s teen romance genre. Angsty guy, cute girl, love triangles etc.

Wayhaven Book 2 comes.out soon…and it is gooooood :heart:


Hey guys, I’ve ventured out to make a rare post on here because I’m curious to what some of your favorite romance games are. Under the Choice of Games umbrella of course, but feel free to branch out as well. I feel like the text based format does romance really well and some of my all-time favorites, like Guinevere by @jeantown, really shine in that aspect. After recently catching up to the manga “A Bride’s Story” by Kaoru Mori I’m really hankering for a good game to sink my teeth into. Any suggestions?


I found the Soul Stone romancable characters great but the actual romance not that much. It instantly went from attraction/flirting to “love of my life”


To be fair, there’s actually a plot reason why that is.


For you all searching BDSM and angst, Jun/ko Samurai of Hyuga book 4 is so recommended. My fav RO.


Zombie Exodus and Slammed had some great romances and great writing to boot. I really enjoyed them both despite the fact that I don’t like either zombies or pro wrestling.


Upon reflection, I agree! The pacing of Soul Stone War felt off in general.


Werewolves: Haven Rising, and Werewolves: Pack Mentality.

I found that Werewolves: Pack Mentality probably has the best romance scenes, even warning you that you can skip them if you feel that it might be too much for you. Pack mentality also lets you carry over your romance from Haven Rising.


SoH has very little liberty for me, I felt I barely had real choices.

Like literally you can’t choose not to kill the fish at the beggining of the book and it hits yoy with “this includes violence blablabla if you’re not confortable blablabla”

And I’m like “I am, but this is just a very stupid decision, you don’t go around stabbing fish in aquariums to eat dammit”


Yeah I agree too. But I still like the game because the plot and atmosphere and the twist near ending for me are similar to anime. I even took screenshots in every chapters in book four especially after meeting Jun (Back again I’m interested in book 4 only) for redrawing :sparkles: . Every scene I always imagine many scenarios that’ll happen if the book is turned into an anime hehe