From Beyond The Stars (Work In Progress)

Hi, my name is Miki and I’m new to this site. After four months of thinking, I decided to make an account on here. I’m making a game called From Beyond The Stars, which is about your player being taken to a planet that is only seen from the spiritual eye. While on the planet, life seems just as physical and normal as it does on Earth but they have unlocked superhuman powers, making them more advance. Luckily, while you’re there, you’re able to have two of the powers such as energy empowerment and supernatural senses. There, you choose where you want to live and where you live is in the past for example, back in the late 1800s during the Progressive Era . If there are any Voltage Inc fans out there, this is what I based the game about. A basic slice of life, historical, romance game. There are six characters to romance, four men and two women and there is a bit of homosexuality in this so please don’t judge me on that. Any feedback, suggestions, and comments? I’m welcome to new ideas!

Thanks, Miki


Sounds interesting.

This sounds really interesting, I’ve always been interested in the supernatural and the like so I’ll be looking forward to this.

I don’t know… Sounds suspicious…

Just kidding, sounds fine

“there is a bit of homosexuality”

Okay you have my attention, this is interesting.

I’m pretty sure almost all of the games here have homosexualality so you’re in the clear there. What I want to know is what will we DO. I mean the world sounds great and all, but will there be a ‘dark’ spirit(s) that you fight/join?

This game sounds like it’ll be interesting. Good luck

@Aera: Haha, glad it caught your attention!
@God_of_Demonz: Actually, there is but it all depends on the test you’re given. The test is called, Hunger for Life, and during the test, you have to fight one of seven demons in order to get yourself into the planet. The '“demons” are your inner demons, basically you’re weaknesses. You have the choice to join if you wish to. Even if you fail, you’ll still be able to get into the planet, it’s just that the demon/weakness you fight against will grow stronger until the end when you team up with your partner and completely destroy it.
@pinklauryn: Thanks for the support!

7 demons… So the seven deadly sins? And the one you fight is the one most prominent in you?

@Gods_of_Demonz: Yes, basically.

How will we decide what sin is our most prominent? Can we ‘tame’ our sin and have them help us or vice versa? Ie, sin=wrath, “fight with Wrath to kill the darkling(or some enemy)” sin=gluttony, "have gluttony rip the door open with his massive jaw. Sin=lust, “have Lust make you more attractive to your RO”. Or are we doomed to only see one solution to our problem?

@God_of_Demonz that would be interesting, but each time you worked with them that would be allowing the sin into your life making them stronger. I would think over time and use they would become very strong and you will find it harder to do with out them, and in their chance of defeating you in the end would be very high.

Would you rather live a short sweet life or live to a ripe old age doing nothing?

Okay, I haven’t really thought about that. What I was thinking, is that during Hunger for Life, you have to try to not to get drawn towards the temptation, for example, lust: if you see someone you find attractive, you can’t show them that you like them. So, just to test out your patience. If you hopefully sustain to not give in, then that sin will be decreased. Though if you fail, like I said before, nothing will happen and you’ll be able to get into the planet, which is named Solaris, but gradually, it will begin to overpower you so you must try to destroy it. I kinda agree with @lordirishdas. Honestly, how would you want the story to unfold during the test? I’m all ears.

I would be nice if the sin attempted to appeal to us in a good-looking form as to sway our opinion, though I’ve also heard of the six perfections. Though I’m not certain of them now they were counter to the seven deadly sins. Maybe one of those could also appear during the test

@God_of_Demonz: I like that idea. What about the demons that represent the sins? I don’t like giving them the names of the seven deadly sins but should they be called that or some other names?

I find this relevant

@Ninjasplaycardgames2: It does look relevant but I don’t plan on naming my characters a sin. Plus, there’s only seven of them while in my game, there are six. Coincidence? I think not! Jk :smiley:

A question? If the demon overpowers you what happens? And can’t you have a unison between you where he does not take over its half half?