Freelance Artist - Illust., Comics, and Character Design


I’m Gloves, or HomingPidgeon as you’ve potentially seen me called around the forums. I love art in storytelling, and interaction fiction of any kind, so I figured I’d offer my services for anything that the talented community here might need artwork for!

My ultimate goal is to go into comics so naturally I offer pages, but I also do illustrations and I especially enjoy doing character design for any setting. And if there’s anything else you’re interested in that doesn’t appear here, feel free to ask!

My portfolio
My art tumblr
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For a fully colored illustration (such as I assume an author would want for a gamebook cover), that’d run about $75-95.
More options and their prices are under the cut


All prices in USD.

Illustration/Single Image
Lines - $30-45
Flat Colors - $60-80
Fully Shaded - $75-95

Comic Page
Lines - $60-80
Flats - $95-115
Shading - $120-150

Character/Creature Design/Reference
$55-80 per character
$65-90 per creature
This is for designing the character or creating a reference sheet/turnaround for them, not just character drawings.

I be most easily and reliably reached at gloves DOT belanger AT gmail DOT com.
In lieu of that, forum private messages, twitter direct messages, or there’s a contact form on my portfolio site that can be used.
I’m also active on tumblr, but I’ve heard direct messages there aren’t reliable? I’ve never had an issue with them, but I’m hesitant to suggest using it