Free completed Forum games?

I’m not sure if we have a list for completed free forum games. To clarify, these are not official games, and must be completed. Please post below!

Choice Of The Dragon
Choice Of The Vampire
Choice Of Broadisides
Choice Of The Deahtless
Swamp Castle
The Great Tournament


There’s that short one where you play as a blind detective.
(Sorry, I can’t remember which of the awesome forum members made it.)

I think it was completed.


The problem is that, once completed, these games are mostly go into Hosted Games submission list. Which means, they’re no longer “forum games” :frowning_face:

They’re ascended to a higher plane.
Naah, JK. Just search them on Google Playstore / Appstore


My first game, The Race is completely free and available to play on the forum or download.


You might find what you’re looking for at Dashingdon (it’s where most of the WIPs live).

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on the site a lot are still incomplete, is there anyway to find out any that are complete on that site. or do you know of any?

Hence why they are work in progresses. If they were completed, they would be published, rendering them official. I suppose beta testing for more polished games fits your description. It is free as long as you give useful feedback.