Forum Tricks: Code Formatting and Spoiler Tags

19 October, 2019 edit:

A more detailed guide on how to format—including headers, summaries, and lists (all especially helpful for WIP authors)—can be found here.

How to format your code so it can be seen on the forum.

Paste code into window.
Highlight all of the code.
Click the preformatted text button. (It looks like </> and is next to the quote one and on the same bar as the other formatting and smilies choice.)
Click reply.


To make spoilers surround the spoiler with [spoiler] [/spoiler]

For example [spoiler] Super spoiler text here [/spoiler] will read as Super spoiler text here


It can also be helpful to readers to put what spoiler text is about outside of the spoiler. Eg,

I’m going to give away a super secret thing about spoilers- Some people don’t like to be spoiled about things, but will read spoiler text if they don’t know what you’re spoiling!

Any other great wisdom that you can share?? X] testing testing testing…testing in the dark…hehehehehe


The forum rules are linked to from here: We actually have a way of knowing who has and hasn’t read the rules.

Since I’m at this a couple of useful links to the discourse forums.

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Bumping my old topic because I’ve noticed a number of people don’t seem to know how to post code in the forums.

But on topic. I just discovered a new command. It’s DETAILS

[details=the summary]blablabla[/details]

gives you

the summary


This should let us hide paragraphs of spoilers.


I found the best thing ever! They added spoilers into the formatting bar! Now we can just click the cog and select blur spoiler or hide details! And also build a poll!

WOOH!!! I suppose that’s made some of the above redundant now!


I just made a picture for how the cog function works.

  1. Highlight the spoiler text.
  2. Click the cog
  3. Click blur spoiler


Thank you for your screen shot. Just a note of interest: Most of us (me included) do not have the “Canned replies” option. I assume that is a moderator tool but I thought I’d throw that out there to avoid confusion.

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Oh! Looks like Canned Replies is a moderator tool. I’ve never used it. I had a brief glance at it and wondered what it was for but couldn’t work out how it would be useful.

But you’ve inspired me to look over at Discourse to see what the function is and they’re shared amongst all staff members. I dunno, it does seem a bit impersonal to me though.

I suppose I can edit out the canned replies from that screenshot, but ha maybe people want to see some special moderator powers.


Could be useful for closing threads and stuff :sweat_smile:

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How to mute topics!

Enter the topic you want to mute.

Above Suggested Topics there should be a button that may say Watching, Tracking, Normal or Muted.

Click the button. A menu will pop up.

Select Muted!

The topic will no longer appear in the forum latest and you won’t get notified if someone tags your name.

The topics will still show up if you search for them.

You can view all the topics you’ve muted at Just enter the topic and switch them to any of the other options if you want to unmute them.


ok test

[details=the summary] blabla [/details]



hgfgfgfgfgfgf im done




Test :v


Testing :v

Is there a way for me to actually see the spoilers if I wanted to?

@AmerHST do you mean seeing the blurred part of spoilers like this? You should be able to just click on the blurred part with mobile or desktop and it should unblur for you!

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I just tried with another browser because It turned out that the problem was the browser I was using :sweat_smile:. Thank you