Forum improvement suggestion


I would really like to have an option to edit my posts in my topics (or at least first post like this one), 30 minutes is good for some minor correcting and editing, but when I’m working on my project I would like to have all updates written in the first post. I have noticed recent discussion about spam, when some less active users complained that it is hard for them to find actual new information about the game between all that offtopic discussion, this would have solved it because all of the the recent development would be in the first post.

My suggestion is not an original one, this is something that works in almost every forum I’ve ever been to.


That’s probably true, even though it’s hard for me to think about phpBB configuration as about a hard one. And you’re right, there is a mod for FB/Google/Twitter login for phpBB, I recall having it on one of my forums 2 years ago.






Agreed (Quatonded… Fourconded… What is this word?!)


I suspect to change it would probably require an overhaul of the forum software, which is why it has remained the way it has.


What I’ve proposed is a basic function that every better forum CMS must include, I don’t think this will be a problem.


Vanilla isn’t “every better forum” - but yeah, stuff like this is quite common on phpbb and vBulletin installations, and would be quite the (mod) life-saver.


I’m wondering why they even used Vanilla in the first place, with so many better out there. I still hope this can be changed though.


It’s probably easier to configure than phpBB or vBulletin, the latter of which is commercial software, so that answers that one.
I’m not sure if phpBB has native support for Google/Twitter/Facebook sign-in, but I’m sure there’s a mod for it.