For the Empire: War of Heirs. (Update 40k plus discord!) 3/30

I have three questions:
First can you romance Nrein or Soniya if not in book 1 than in book 2?
Seccond will it be explained if you choose for the main character why they can look like child of Nrein? Though either way I find it hilarious.
Third question is it posible and how beneficial would it be to romance both Quela and Kela?


The MC will wake up in a modern world like ours. Since it is thousands of years after you were locked up. You will still deal with The Circle: The new vampires elite who control the underworld.

Will answer them tomorrow since I have to go now, sorry.


No problem


1 I believe no, 2 probably yes and 3 cat probably not answer this because spoiller.


The forgotten immortal is more interesting then the others and I like the fact the mc has to start from scratch to get back to where they were before.


Where did you get this one?


golden throne thread


People whenever Aeron has screen time in the game:

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That was the old thread, this is the new version


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HNNN I cant wait for next update


Update will come at the end of December.


Progress update.

The prologue has been updated with better writing.

As for chapter 2, it is on the way. I’m sorry for not meeting my goal this month, as I have been dealing with lots of stuff lately.

Would you like to see more childhood scenes added to the story where you get to meet new characters and spend time with your siblings? No changes will be made to chapter 1. I will just add more scenes at the start of it.

  • Yes.
  • I rather we move on with the story.
  • Yes, but add them later. Focus on the second and third chapters for now.

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Speaking for me I would much rather a well fleshed story with many choices, scenes, and generally a lot to do, rather than just flying through the story and getting to the battles. At least from my perspective if we have more time with the characters we could better understand them, if some ppl have some time with Aeron they might start to like/hate him. Also I’m not sure if there is any rule about wordcount/price ratio in hosted games but generally when the game gets released the word count might help you pump the price a little cuz ppl would rather pay 10$ for 500k word game than 100k one. About now or later I think that it’s better to get the chapter as you have planned it now and then to move on to the next one.


I think people have a lot of assumptions about the characters at this stage. I think a few more scenes with the current cast would help people form more fleshed out opinions. I think Kela and Aeron are in the most need of fleshing out


Stefon’s cold eyes scan her smiling face, and his lips slowly fall into a straight line as he lets her go and turns away. He walks to the window and looks outside, keeping his back turned to his daughter. “The emperor is dying.” He says in a monotone. I believe some words mising here @Fat_cat


I agree whit you.


I’m a sucker for childhood stories.


Here I think the same, the childhood of the MC’s on COG protagonists is often skipped and specially on a plot like this one that is about complex family relationships and where everyone is a piece on a much greater board.

Suggestions for extra scenes:

Making clearer the relationship between retainers and noble kiddos that as I have seen is pretty murky here on the chat, characters like James, MC’s sister or Aeron that are a little two dimensioned for the readers, reflect the position of the characters as high nobility, how they treat their servants, interact with their families, let us see a scene of Nrein speaking with Aeron perphaps(give us hints how much she influences her children’s supposed ambitions/how she sees them)?Something similar between Sonya and James(try to show us how they treat their children, for the reader to compare it with Helena’s own parenthood),MC’s father being informed of their children’s progress/assist a meal with them and create(unwillingly or not) more tension for the succession race.

Regarding the adults themselves, try to make use of their actual age in the earlier chapters,specially with the older characters like the grandma that can get health problems in the future(grandma’s original family visiting the castle or Nrein’s family spending some days on the capital and cause intrigue around, the MC’s grandfather appearing on the prologue due to a courtly visit etc) , show them with their plots, how they use their children, how they receive the nobility in court, you can also introduce some of the nobles on the earlier chapters, perphaps more scenes of the MC’s aunt that kinda vanished on her visit to Helena show her with her family at least one more time, the MC’s father relationship with his wives and lover Sonya explored on a few scenes(the intricacies and fallout of their years of marriage and how Sonya fits on that possibly tense dynamic, as well as the good moments, the love and joy when they are together).

In conclusion indeed there are lots of scenes you can explore on this early stage of the novel, add complexity to the characters, make us understand the society and environment they are growing up with(add more character traits as we are kinda still on the character creation, perphaps like you did with the Mc eats meat or not, theirappearance similar to, their sexuality MC is accustomed to luxury etc), define the world more with a few more lessons and interactions and let us experience the missteps,expectations and little details of childhood on a medieval setting.