Folksaga [WIP]; (updated 17/07/2023 - 48k words)

“It is a long story, and it does no credit to anyone: there is murder in it,
and trickery, lies and foolishness, seduction and pursuit. Listen."

( Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology)

You are a human. A totally normal one.


You’re a human. You’re a bartender, which is a very normal job for a human to have, and when you walk down the winding streets of Akureyri you can blend seamlessly into any crowd of people which is, without question, only something that a human could do.

The fact that you came here two years ago with nothing but the clothing on your back doesn’t mean anything; you’re hardly northern Iceland’s first wayfaring soul. That you had no money to your name, no friends or family to speak of — that’s a fairly average human thing, too. And that little craving you have, that quiet urge to dig your teeth into any passing stranger’s throat? It’s completely, entirely mundane.

It’s manageable. You’re managing.

Or you were, until someone — someone who’s decidedly not as good at this human thing as you are — begins leaving a trail of dead bodies at your doorstep, and a trio of god-like siblings take a seat at your bar.

(Ragnarök might have marked the end of the Norns, but that doesn’t mean your fate died along with them.)

Folksaga is inspired by The Edda, Norse mythology, and Twin Peaks, with a bit of tweaking to the myths as needed for the sake of plot. MC backgrounds have been adjusted to fit for all players regardless of gender identity, and creative liberty has been taken with some smaller points for a smoother storytelling experience!

As of August 21; the demo is currently complete up to chapter 1! The total word count is approximately 70k words, sitting at about 18-20k per playthrough.

It isn’t my first writing project, but it is my first IF, so feedback on anything - grammar, sentence structure, bugs & coding - is welcomed and highly appreciated! I want to hear everything that you have to share with me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No doubt the mightiest of his siblings, the eldest child of Thor is exactly the sort of person you would expect him to be: a giant (half-giant, in fact) asshole with a smoulder and a knife-sharp jawline to match. He’ll match your every word with a cocky grin and a joke that’s nowhere near as funny as he thinks, and he’ll look every inch the prince that he is all the while.

(Well, the prince that he was. Just don’t let him hear you say that.)

[ Magni is 6’5” / 196cm with a muscular build. He has jaw-length auburn hair, freckled skin with a tanned complexion, and lighting-blue eyes; you’ve heard it said that he’s the spitting image of his father when he was in his prime.

Said by him so, you know. Grain of salt and all that. ]

For the supposed embodiment of his father’s wrath, the God of Thunder’s second son is surprisingly…not that. He’s no picnic, mind you — he’s broody, he’s secretive, and he’s fucking intense, but that hardly equates to fury incarnate. You’re sure there’s something hiding under that moody surface; whether or not you want to uncover it is a different story entirely.

(Looks like even gods aren’t immune to middle-child syndrome. Who knew?)

[ Modi is 5′11″ / 180cm with a lean, athletic build. He has shoulder-length dark hair that he often keeps tied back, fair skin, and grey-blue eyes. He’s the spitting image of his mother Jarnsaxa, if the skalds are to be believed.

So it’s no small wonder his father could hardly stand to look at him. ]

Valkyrie, seidhr, paragon of strength — with all of her mother’s best traits (and a few of her father’s worst), is it any wonder that Thor’s youngest child was also his favourite? Smarter than her half-brothers and more likeable by a longshot, you might find yourself forgetting how easily the fortune-telling goddess could break you in two. You might, but she’ll be happy to remind you if you do.

(Maybe a little too happy, in fact.)

[ *Thrúd is 6’1" / 185cm with an athletic build. She has waist-length golden hair - reminiscent of her mother - that she often keeps tied back in intricate braids, a tanned complexion, and moss-green eyes. As lovely as she is fierce, she seems to be a near even split between both of her godly her parents.

If asked, Thor would tell you Thrúd is entirely her father’s daughter - but he’s dead, so it’s not like it matters, does it?* ]

KATLA B̶͍̏L̸̝͑O̵̟͠M̴̳̓Q̴̯̔V̵̺͆I̷̗͛S̵̠͒T̸̬̒ .
A fellow nomad and your coworker at Black Thunder, the first friend you made in Akureyri has remained your closest. Mischevious, magnetic, and often up to no small amount of trouble, there are times when you think you might know Katla better than you know yourself. You even know about her…well, you know that she…sorry, what were you talking about again?

(It’s just that it’s nice, being close to someone who’s so very human.)

[ Katla is 5’3" / 160cm with a petite build. She has shoulder-length, coiled black hair that she keeps in a messy bun during work hours, dark skin, and amber-brown eyes. Both of her arms are covered in tattoos from wrist to shoulder, intricate flowers in a dazzling gold ink that almost seem to flow and shift when she moves in the light.

She claims she can’t remember where she got them done; you’re pretty sure that’s not true. ]

There’s a voice in your head and a shadow in your dreams, and they’re telling you to run. You probably shouldn’t trust them.


[ The Mare appears as a formless creature of smoke and ever-shifting shadow, impossible to define. In slivers of moonlight you might catch a glimpse of silver-white hair or skin as pale as death itself , but whether that’s real or a figment of your unconscious imagination is anyone’s guess.

It’s a bit strange, honestly, that you’ve never seen the face of the stranger in your bed. ]

  • Customize your monster character. New life, new you! Choose your gender identity, change your name, cut your hair, and remember: if you’re starting to grow tired of running from your past, try on a new outfit and start running faster.
  • Play as one of three runway creatures from Norse mythology — a cunning keeper of the forest, a charming warden of the lake, or a formidable guardian of the mountains. Each has its quirks (would you prefer a hollowed-out tree for a back, or webbed fingers and forearms covered in scales?), but they all have two key things in common: they’ll kill to protect their homes, and you’re definitely not one of them.
  • Choose your own fate, out of the countless that are presented to you. Had oatmeal instead of skyr with your breakfast this morning? You might have just brought about Ragnarök 2.0. Nice one, asshole.
  • Multiple romance options, with each available to pursue regardless of your gender or background. Ever wanted to kiss a god under a starry sky? Now’s your chance! Or maybe you’re through with immortal beings and desperate to ask the pretty server on a date? Go for it! She’s definitely a human too. Totally. You’d be able to tell if she wasn’t. Wouldn’t you?
  • Save the world — or don’t. It’s your choice, and isn’t that what true freedom is all about?

So I think I dicovered a bug. If you pick and then back out of the 3 origin choices, you’ll get the stats from all of them.


ah!!! thank you so much for catching that, i’ll edit it out asap :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Okay this is might be personal because if someone leaves bought bodies in my neighborhood or at my bar … I’m gonna send you to the afterlife lad or less Because you just pissed off the bartender no one should piss off the bartender!!!


this immediatly got me invested i loove how you build suspense!! Also the MC just feels so good to play as from this snippet alone…looking forward to more! Always love more IF that are not centered in the US (not that that’s bad there is just a lot of it):smiley:


Absolutely adored the demo. My MC is still absolutely feral after all this time and needs to be restrained from hunting people for sport. 10/10


Very interesting. Is the mc weaker than all of thor’s children ?


Too bad there’s no human RO. Actually, I’d enjoy non-human MC x human RO, this is much rarer than the reverse trope :thinking:


Absolutely love the tone of this introduction post!

Gotta play the demo now.


They are GODs and MC… nymph, troll or mermaid :woman_shrugging:


Ooooh~ I love this so much :heart: The concept, the writing, the RO’s, all of it! Definitely looking forward to more updates


Incredibly excited to see this as a Scandinavian person myself, and I’m especially excited to see the nature spirits of Norse mythology looked into more!! ^^

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Love this and bookmarked! Can’t wait to see more of this.

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I really enjoyed the lake origins story.

I, too, look forward to more of the story.

I do not know Scandinavian names, so maybe breaking them into categories such as by gender (and non-binary) would help those like myself.


Played it, loved it!

Writing was nice and engaging, pacing was good, and our character feels both relatable and sufficiently ‘other’.

Wish there had been more.

I do have a few small nitpicks:

  • Like Eiwynn, I would like to see more name options listed. Especially appropriate ones, with nature theme. (Ended up calling my MC ‘Vidir’ after looking around behindthename for a while)

  • The gender choice. I am very much not a fan of the phrasing of it being so stereotypical. What if I want to be an impressive woman, or a beautiful man?

  • I would really like to see the make-up options expanded to include a ‘just eyeliner/eye-shadow’ option. Maybe it’s just my old goth heart, but the options available felt rather female-centric?

  • When choosing our interest (books, art, sport, etc) the phrasing (using specifically ‘things’ in plural) made me think we would be able to choose a second one as well as the first.


Oh this is good timing. I just found this on tumblr yesterday and the demo is available today lol. Super excites to play as a mountain spirit.

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Words to live by :triumph::triumph:

I’m so glad you liked it!!! As a non-American (but Canadian, so very close geographically) myself I’m always keen on games set somewhere a bit farther from home just for that added sense of adventure. Thank you so much for checking it out! :heart:

Feral MC & their RO tbh. So glad you enjoyed it!!! :heart:

Yes, MC is weaker than the siblings when they’re at their full power for the reason above! Whether or not that’s still true remains to be seen :wink:

Ahhh I know, I struggled with the decision but in the end the decision came down to personal preference: I generally don’t like games with more than 5 romance options. I find it overwhelming as a reader, and the 5 that I have now are too integral to the story to alter. It’s also difficult as MC’s background means that humans are naturally much more drawn to them, more trusting, easily manipulated, etc. which would create a dynamic I’m not too keen on writing.

For what it’s worth, Katla is very close to a human romance option. More about her background will come out during the story!

I’m so so so so glad you guys enjoyed it!!! More will be coming soon, I waffled with how soon to post the demo as I finish editing chapter one, but as the code was so bulky & I’m a CS novice I figured the sooner I get feedback the better. It means so much that you guys checked it out, thank you again! :two_hearts:

Thank you guys so much for the feedback! Splitting the names up was something I actually did in my draft but didn’t update in the file uploaded to DD, so I will fix that on the demo file as soon as I can :joy:
@The_Lady_Luck I 100% see your point about the gender choice, and have also fixed that to be uploaded ASAP! Thank you for pointing it out. For the makeup my intention was mainly to keep it vague and more up to the reader to interpret what each looks like, but I also can see how the choices feel more female-focused and will fix that accordingly.
The interest choice is supposed to have a second as well as a first, so I’m thinking I made a coding boo-boo. I’ll fix that for the afternoon as well!
Thank you again! So grateful that you took the time to comment and play, I’m taking all of your comments to heart and will update the file ASAP to reflect that :heart:


@widogast – If you need to edit the original post and the system won’t let you, please let me or another moderator (or leader) know, and we’ll make the op a wiki.

Unfortunately, there is a system software bug that sometimes crops up on new users.

@The_Lady_Luck and others … i am just curious, how would you suggest writing makeup scenes to be more gender neutral? (you can dm me, so we don’t derail this thread, if you desire.)

I guess I don’t understand how applying makeup would be different for one or another gender.


What do you mean? :face_with_monocle:

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I assume she is referencing the (future) power-struggle of the top beings for ascendancy.

Just as the Giants and Asgardians fought for supremacy, this new world might have a struggle or two of its own.

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