Finished WIP: Attack of the Clockwork Army

Definitely mention Australia in the promotions. It’s part of what makes the story distinctive.

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Australia, our own planet’s private death world.
Is it any surprise the British empire chose to dump its convicts there, no.
What is surprising is that they managed to survive and even thrive there.
Also surprising is that right next to the Australian death world, is paradise on Earth, aka New-Zealand.


I only have 2 words for this: Absolutely Amazing!
I was in love with the story the moment I read the first couple pages. But probably the best highlight of this story is the original idea of a steampunk adventure in England AND AUSTRALIA! The amount of combinations for the epilogue is a bit overwhelming though.

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I think this thread is calming down now, and I’ve fixed all the bugs found so far. I’ll delete the mention of 2.7 million epilogues because it’s just too divisive.

I know Jacic is still planning to test it, so I won’t do anything until I hear back from her… but let me know if you plan to beta test and haven’t got there yet (so I don’t run off and submit the final version without your input).

THANK YOU to everyone who tested this game, especially to those who told me what was wrong with it.


How do you save your sibling(during the storm)? I’ve tried many different paths but I always end up with my sibling hurt in some way.

From memory, the only way to save them in the storm is to choose the magical skill of Aluminum (that is, amazing coordination) and then choose to throw something at them in the storm to knock them out of the way. That should cause to relevant achievement pop-up to appear.

It’s easier to “save” them after the fact, since certain things “heal” their wounds.

How do you become a “deadly” fighter? I keep getting either knocked out or knocked flat on my ass. Jeez. That’s my only small, yes, small, gripe with this game. It truly is amazing, and I do wish it was longer. Any idea when it will actually be released? Good work.


The final copy was sent in about a week ago, and people are going through the lengthy process of releasing it (I’d estimate late this year or early next year).

I haven’t worked out how to spoiler-shield things, so I’ll PM you the details of how to “win” the final battle. Sadly it’s too late for me to adjust things now.

Why is it so short!! Haha hope to see another game set in this universe, very interesting world. I have to admit though I did not care for how woefully incompetent my character was, didn’t seem like anything I did could make me seem like less of a rube or win a single fight. Played through several times, really like your universe!!

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Congrats, look forward to playing today :smile:


Congrats on your release. I downloaded my copy on Android, left a rating, shared it on Google +, and made an announcement about it on the HG FB page.


Cue much hyperventilating. My very first public review was the hilarious “Worst one I’ve ever played”. I feel like a real author now strangers have paid money to hate my story! :smile:

Yep…I’ve got several 2 and 1 star reviews on Captive of Fortune for a bug that’s been fixed for weeks. xD

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Oh wow it’s out happy dance
Don’t worry about the one star rating :confounded: I’m sure you’ll get many more positives, it’s good work.

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Not to sound rood or anything but this was……… Let’s just say unpleasant.
The world is weird and makes no sense what so ever to me. I mean robots powered by steam and magic given by metals. I bought it but I deleted it because I don’t see myself ever going through that again.
The stats page is also difficult to understand and choices matter little. The story was also unappealing. 1 star on appstore.

I gave it 5 stars (played it couple of months ago when still in development)

@sam how come I couldn’t find your game on the App Store?
I’ve been looking forward to it a lot. Since I enjoyed your first book.

I don’t think that this means it deserves a 1. A unique setting which may not be interesting to you can still be a good story for others.

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This is true, a game should be marked on all its merits.

However, the point of the rating system is to allow people to show their opinion of a game in a quick fashion. If jcury felt this game was so unappealing that it required the worst rating to express his opinion then he’s entitled to.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of the game so far and don’t agree with jcury’s opinion although I do feel the stat’s screen could be made slightly more attractive (hiding the unknown relationships until they are needed), ill reserve full judgement until I’ve completed it or found myself unwilling to read any further though.

Congratulations on publishing a game Felicity, its an awesome achievement

I love that people have such different reactions to the game’s setting (especially, of course, when the reaction is “Steampunk Australia? Awesome!”)

I just set up a proper thread for more discussion over at