Fictional cuss word for CoG


Trying to come up with a cuss word that would be CoG specific. I have my favs such as

While I love using shouts to other genres, it would be nice to have something that falls into our little universe,

Rutting - Firefly
Mik’ta - Star Gate
Dren - Farscape
Smeg - Red Dwarf
Frak - Battlestar Galactica
Shazbot - Mork and Mindy
Frell - Farscape
Barnacle - spongebob
Poodoo - Star Wars


What about the ones in Heroes Rise? Slugger is it?


Thanks for the idea but, does not convey enough emotion in my opinion…


Wasn’t poodoo a curse word used in Star Wars episode 1? Pretty sure that jerk during the pod race says it when he loses or something.




Yep :slight_smile:

I will consider these, thanks. Waiting to see what other come up with.


I like rutting. It reminds me of my favorite real life one. xD


Isn’t rutting from Firefly? I recall the characters saying that a few times as well as a few (horribly mangled) mandarin cussing as well


Well you did say a CoG specific curse word and it definitely counts in that regards. It’s the first fictional curse word in a choice game I can think of. I like it. It rhymes with another UK curse word. It’s short, ends in a harsh guttural sound.


They’re all from sci-fi shows.

Rutting - Firefly
Mik’ta - Star Gate
Dren - Farscape
Smeg - Red Dwarf
Frak - Battlestar Galactica
Shazbot - Mork and Mindy
Frell - Farscape
Barnacle - ??? (Okay Google says spongebob?)
Poodoo - Star Wars

Edit: I just found


I’m torn between smeg and rutting.


Spongebob :’) lololol


Thanks I guess I was not clear. The list FairyGodfeather has provided is correct. I am looking to create a word like these but is costume to CoG only.

*Edit Guess I am to geek at times, I just thought everyone would recognize where these came from lol.


I think smeg and smeghead are too very much Red Dwarf for us to claim them as our own.


Gorram - Firefly/Serenity thier version of GD


Philosophically speaking, if one were to create a curse word, it would sort of have to have a meaning otherwise it would make no sense. And if it has an established meaning and gains a popular following, would it still be harmless or would it have just become yet another curse word? All of the real ones have a history and an original meaning, many of which have changed meanings over time as they have gained popularity and gotten adopted by whomever what was in need of a slur.

“Slugger” is the worst curse word in the history of ever imo. It is never explained and it is not used in a specific context as to have an established meaning. No stories about how say roving gangs of baseball players terrorized the countryside as to give rise to such a strange exclamation. Perhaps it would have made more sense if it had existed in a world devoid of death through violence, where the bad guys would instead be forced to do the batusi as part of their rehabilitation program, but as it stands I feel it cheapened those games and broke the immersion when they showed up.

So really, what reason is there to use a self invented curse word? If it’s to avoid censors or keeping it kiddy friendly, there are already softer versions of most curse words already established in society which need no explanation and won’t break immersion unless you’re playing a biker or a pirate or any character established to be “tough” essentially, and even if exceptions could be made for that story-wise, they would still exist within an established culture which would come with its own expectations.

One valid reason would be immersion, a word with an established origin that came into existence because of certain things existing in that world that doesn’t exist here, or to highlight a difference in culture, i.e. not slugger. =P However such words will often be compared to real life examples in either case and some will no doubt draw uncomfortable parallels.

So my point being, is there really a point to it all if on the one hand it has a meaning it might still awake negative emotions in some, and on the other if it doesn’t have a meaning it will just end up being a nuisance and a distraction (to some)? You need to ask yourself, who are you trying to please really? Do people who can’t stand to read a swear word have a desire to see fake swears? Wouldn’t they be better served with no implied swears at all? And the people who wouldn’t mind, what are they left with? Seems a poor compromise all in all, but then again I am against any and all forms of censorship, yet I will admit I too cringe when hearing a child swear. Anyways not trying to stifle anyone’s creativity or anything, just thought it was an interesting conundrum this whole faux swear thing. =)


My, what an eloquent response on faux-adult language. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The short answer to your question is I love fictional curse words, it defines in a small way the flavor of the world in which the characters live or it does for myself at any rate. Depending on the curse word and my geekiness I can define which universe I am in with but one simple word. Yes the word carries emotion, but for me personally it is a positive reaction. It can give a giggle, a laugh, or a Ow Damn they just did not say that. Using actual curses words, again from my point of view, cheapens the literature, weakens my enjoyment. A carefully crafted curse word adds a deep connection for me, this is the aim of hunting for a curse word that would make it CoG recognizable. Of course I would be silly to believe every writer here would adopt such a word, yet if a few or more of use the word it could be enough.

Sluger could work in some worlds, but my setting is a dark fantasy world and slugger would have no reason here and would stick out like a soar thumb. That is the challenge to find something that would work in several setting, even if I end up alone in the use of the word, I have may other genres I intend to write in.


Thunder and hell!


I like ruddy hell from WWU,but that’s hosted.