Fictional cuss word for CoG

I got carried away, it happens. ^^

Righto. If overused, actual curse words can indeed feel cheap and desensitizing, but then again in some settings that could be intentional, to show how bleak and terrible the world portrayed is and what not, if you’re really going for dark and heavy, nothing beats real curse words. My personal rule of thumb is, swear when you’re in pain or emphasizing something really upsetting. Even Mythbusters “proved” that swearing is good for handling pain, so there’s that to be said about it at least, but I digress, carry on. =P

Haven’t got any suggestions atm.


Well what games ever go into a tangent about describing how their fictional curse words came about?

I like Slugger. I like that the word slug has a variety of different meanings. Is a slugger someone that slugs people? Or is it related to the slimy creature, calling them spineless? I like that slugger rhymes with bugger, which I know has different meanings on either side of the pond. The first time I saw an American online calling children little buggers, well which I know has a different meaning.

Heh google says “Bugger: US informal a person or animal, especially a young one that you like very much: He’s a cute little bugger, isn’t he?”

Yep, definitely not what we mean here. I like that it’s also got a similar enough sound to the swear word it’s likely replaced.

I can actually see some of the thought process behind slugger, and I think people are being unfairly harsh on it.

I find certain swear words jarring, especially if used in a setting that isn’t modern.

Also, swear words have context. Would the word ‘fuck’ be used as a curse word in a society where sex is not a dirty thing that people should be ashamed of? Cock, dick, cunt, arse, all sexual parts of the anatomy. Are they always going to be insults?

Curses like damn and hell wouldn’t be used in societies which don’t have the same religious background as we have.

The likes of shit and crap and piss rely on certain biological functions being considered filthy. Bastard’s an insult based on having unmarried parents, if marriage is different, then bastard may no longer be a word that matters at all. If there’s complete equality between the sexes (heh I typed sexists there originally which changes the meaning), and always has been then you’re not going to be using the likes of bitch as an insult.

So sometimes I think just using the modern insults we use nowadays is just plain lazy world-building.

However, I also find swear-words jarring. I like replacement curses which don’t have the same impact, which are softer. Heroes Rise, for instance, was very much based on comics. The use of a fake swear word fitted in fine for me there. Now if it had been a modern day game, I’d have definitely suggested just use some real swear words, or not at all.

But yes I do find real swear words distracting in a way fakes aren’t.

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I agree. However, I dislike Slugger as it basically only has means related to sports. It does mean a hard hitter yes, but every time I read the word I think baseball or boxing. A world with no formal sports groups, and may have never discover baseball or formal boxing, it poses a distraction.

Mudblood comes to mind. Why hasn’t it been mentioned here yet?
Also, taffer from the Thief games.

If I remember more, I’ll post here.

So, here is a question real quick since this seems like a semi-related topic. If someone were to submit a game for the Hosted Games category, could it be denied if it has profanity/strong language/graphic scenes? I haven’t ready anything about that anywhere and clarification would be nice.

Did you reply to the right thread?

There’s a few threads on the subject if you do a search. I think the app stores are stricter than what Choice of Games are. So, they’d likely publish your game any way but you might not be able to publish on all of the platforms.

While considering a word I realized I would hate to see just one word use throughout the game, so I have a few words for my game now.
Flicking hells
Your are such a Plick
Go Feck yourself and the Ass you rode in on
Your Mamma was a Dire Rat
This is a real fug fest
It was a real Orke log jam it was
Gods rotting great
You can kiss my glick

Flicking hells - why using hells? Isn’t that a cuss word too and in so using it with a fictional one? Why? And flicking is so very close to another real one. I’d just go all out and use “flicking bells” and claim for rhyming slang :stuck_out_tongue:

Your are such a Plick - plick sounds like pillock. (The origin of pillock is believed to go back to the 16th century meaning penis from the Norwegian word pillicock, presumably akin to the slang dickhead meaning inept fool)

Go Feck yourself and the Ass you rode in on - Feck’s an actual swear, same for ass, although both are very mild.

Um I’ll stop. Sorry. It just seems odd

They believe in the 6 hells, hence hells. Bells is not harsh enough.
Ass is referring to a Donkey. I could use Ares.
I did not know about pillock lol.
Feck is a cuss word? I have never have heard it used as one, I think I pulled it from an obscure comic book out of the 80’s.
They may need some work, that is why I am posting hoping to improve and use you all as a sounding board so thanks for the input.

*editI could use Flicking Shells, it still rhymes and is a bit harsher sounding.

I wouldn’t say use flicking hells, use six hells, or even use seventh hell, to describe a hell worse than all of the other six. Heh flicking shells.

Yep, feck’s a curse word, it’s a lot milder than fuck. Was your obscure comic book of British origin? Heh Feck even has a wikipedia entry ( which makes reference to Father Ted so I’ll just link this as an example so you can see it in action.

lol funny, may have been British. I may still keep it as it is mold there and non cuss word here in the States. Will think on it some.