February 2024's Writer Support Thread

Thanks for the monthly digest, and congrats on getting a Steam page for Honor Bound!

I’m pretty happy since I made my goal this month and published my fifth chapter. Probably gonna take a quick break before knuckling down on the next!


Mission(s) accomplished. :dancer:

Today I’m so tired I don’t know if I’ll get any words in, but I’m about to try. (Edit: the way I’m feeling I might go take a nap instead.) I have to remind myself that even a few hundred words is progress. Last few days I’ve been able to hit 1500 words. Last weekend, I had the house to myself and churned out 6k over a couple of days. But the ebb and flow of energy and free time means I count any effort as a good one.

Thanks for the mention in The List, @HarrisPS! :raised_hands:

Happy writing, all. :herb:


Lol this is quite funny. But also, strangely true to life. Even terrible people can have standards.

(Also, so much easier to write/code that way lololol)


Updated Lost in your eyes, not the uhh… Not the err… The book which shall not be named :sob:


I’ve gotten a lot done this month, even with an extra day this year! I wrote 50k words, I’ve completed all routes for Chapter 1 and have started on the routes for Chapter 2. I also managed to wrangle my outline by hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. So far I wouldn’t say it’s complete, there’s some areas that are just Vibes™ but I’m feeling a lot better about where I’m taking my WIP.

My goal for March is to finish the routes for Chapter 2 and start on Chapter 3. I don’t think I’ll be able to work on Chapter 4 quite yet since I want to finish everything else before it, but I’m itching to get my hands on it… I’ll try to stave off from it as a reward later but man is it hard.

Let’s hope for another good month!


Joke’s on me, I didn’t realise it’s a leap year so I did the list a day early! I’ll add in any that I spot today.

Relatedly, I was going to save this “for March tomorrow” but since it is not March yet, here’s a good article from Greg Buchanan, who’s an indie/AAA narrative person who’s also a novelist and IF creator. I like the section about Aim for the pursuit of a skill rather than pure output which is something that doesn’t always get focused on when we’re talking about creating stuff (I include myself there).


Thank you for the shout-out, Hannah! I appreciate it! :grin:

As for my writing so far, I’ve written around 40k words this month which is probably the most I’ve written in a while. Since the premise of my new WIP is a bit simpler than my other WIP, it essentially writes itself as I go. Also, I’m trying too hard to stick to the core themes of this WIP, so I’m able to trim away a lot of arcs that wouldn’t add much to the story. Also, the premise allows me to write romance a lot more easily compared to Remnant 21 so that’s fun!


Thank you for setting this all out! Such a surreal joy to see Don’t Wake Me Up released!


You can blame me, i reached my month’s goal early, and i was excited to share with everyone, so i posted my month’s recap early.

As before, your time and efforts are appreciated, Hannah!


Thank you for the mention, Hannah! I’m excited to be a part of this community.

Also, first time posting in this thread, so I suppose I’ll share something. Regarding my WIP—it’s been better than I excepted. I received some encouraging reactions from folks, which is great considering the small word count.
However, after 6 days I’ve come to some realizations. Mainly the fact that I posted the demo too early. With midterms at uni taking up the entirety of next week (I didn’t take this into account when I was posting, for some reason), I won’t be able to return to writing until the second week of March, which really sucks.
At least I’m using the little spare time I have now on polishing the outline, which isn’t that bad.


I am super happy due today I got the posters made by a professional art designer I know. The posters are for the diversity jam.

There is a tremendous difference between working with and artist that working with a souless machine.

I ended up with something different to I was thinking at first and his creativity added much more to the mix.

Now I hope someone want to join my jam is a innovative concept.


Congrats! It’s always a delight to work with a professional. (Well, as long as the professional isn’t an unpleasant person.)


Well, I told myself that my deadline would be the 15th of March, so I’ll stick to that. Saying that though, I have made good progress on the side story, and I hope to complete it in the next few days. I’ll see you all in the March thread! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am very excited to announce that Last Dream playtest is over, and I just submitted the game for approval.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me make this game possible. I love you all :heart_eyes:

Second, fingers crossed. Wish me luck, folks! :four_leaf_clover:


Ooh, the ides of Mach! What a great deadline


I didn’t finish Chapter 2 in Feb. But I did add over 50,500 words, the highest word count number I’ve ever tracked in a month, and did so despite several sick days and court case distractions. (While I no longer work for the charity of which I wrote:

I am a trustee of a couple of related UK charities, and they/I got pulled back into the fray a bit last month.)

Anyway, the last time I hit a Nano-style word count target was Nov 2022, and I completed a long-awaited chapter update in Dec '22, so let’s hope there’s a pattern there. :slight_smile: I’ll continue to be mostly absent from the forums until the chapter’s done.


50% done, even added a new goal!

This month has been okay for me! :star2:


Does anyone know how to separate your IFs from each other? Do you have a startup.txt then startup(1).txt or something else?

Because when I try to upload it into dashingdon it won’t upload.


I have completely separate ChoiceScript folders - when I start a new project, I download it again and start from scratch.


That It is wise! Years ago I wipe an entire project because I overwrite it. I did learn that lesson hard way.