Favourite Choice of Games book


Hey everybody, I was wondering, since Choice of Games host or make many many great books a year, what your favourite book is to date?

Also, what upcoming books are you looking forward too?


The Choice of Intrigues Trilogy.
Though I can’t enjoy it the way I used to, I’ll never forget the feeling I had on my first play through, playing as a politically savvy and ruthless lady of the court who, by the end, just wanted to get out of the game because she realized how tormenting the whole experience was. I was legitimately fearful of every threat that came to my power and the game organically made me do morally horrendous things I never would have considered otherwise.
I think the best way I could describe the game world is this; everyone is walking around with a noose tied around their neck, and there is always someone trying to find the end of yours just as you try to find theirs. It created a very tense and nerve wracking experience until the very end.


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