Falrika the Alchemist—Strive to become the master alchemist!

Too early to say for that, surely. Unless someone’s been keeping an eye on the average omnibus reviews two weeks post-release?

No one can say they weren’t warned or that you hid the kind of story you were writing, @MoonlightBomber. The foreword will probably have hit sales, from an audience accustomed to getting much more choice in their interactive fiction than Falrika offered…but if you’d had more sales without the warning, you’d probably have drawn more negative reviews.

Falrika was an experiment you went into with open eyes, to see if the HG audience would embrace a VN-sans-visuals. After more sales data is in, I hope you’ll let us know in general terms what you think the results of the experiment are, and what you think it implies for the future of your work.