Fallen Lights (WIP)

I’ve started working on a game in ChoiceScript called Fallen Lights!


"Fallen Lights is an upcoming interactive fiction novel in which you are born in Ebia, a country gripped by war and drenched in forgotten secrets of the divine and arcane.

You are the half-sibling of High General Ezrah Rhys and have lived the past twelve years of your life in Kesdon, the capital of Ebia. You’ve spent most of your time training and honing your skills for the future that awaits you.

A future that is entirely your own."

Features of the game include:

  • Create your character. Customize gender, pronouns, appearance, skills, and personality.
  • Choose how you feel towards those around you; your brother, your friends, your allies, and your enemies.
  • Romance any of the ten options (four female, four male, one nonbinary, and one gender selectable) including two poly routes; a prince, a knight, a noble, a blacksmith, a priestess in training, an archmage, an enemy general, an elf on the run, an opportunistic healer, and an assassin who’s (maybe) trying to kill you.
  • Choose your magic. Will you practice elemental, conjuring, alchemical, or illusory magic? Maybe even all four, of course, for those particularly talented and stubborn.
  • Explore the lore of the two kingdoms and delve into the mystery of the conflict between them. Learn the knowledge of Gods and Goddesses both foreign and familiar, and use whatever you can to protect the ones you love.
  • Try to survive. You’ll die at least once and come back, but the second time may be more permanent.

The ten romance options are:

Florian Vasil (M) , the rebellious prince you’ve known since you were twelve who only wants the best for everyone, you included.

Marcella Dumont (F) , the knight training under your brother with a protective streak a mile wide and the skill to back it up.

Emil/Emilia Renaud (M/F) , a noble from an old and rich family with many secrets and even more power.

Dimitri Volkov (M) , the blacksmith with a closed-off exterior and a heart of gold underneath it all.

Ariadna “Ari” Novik (F) , the priestess in training who just wants to help people any way she can.

Rowan Lozano (N/B) , the archmage who struggled to the top and intends to stay there…by any means necessary.

Orion Morosov (M) , the enemy general with a tough exterior and an aversion to affection. He’s horrible…at least, you thought he was.

Cier Katsaros (T!M) , a half-elf on the run with a mysterious past and a carefree disposition. He’ll sacrifice anything to remain free.

Kira Argyris (F) , a charming elven healer who uses her talent for coin instead of charity. What lies beneath the golden veneer?

Ilaria Thayer (F) , an assassin who’s perhaps not as cutthroat as you first thought. Or she is, and you’re just her soft spot.

*Poly Routes with Florian & Emil/Emilia, Orion & Cier, Marcella & Ilaria, Rowan & Orion, Dimitri & Florian, Marcella & Ari, and Ilaria & Emil/Emilia.

8/7/21: The demo prologue is available to play here! More info can also be found on my tumblr.
8/10/21: Chapter One update is expected 9/24/21 and most bugs/spellings errors in demo prologue have been corrected.
8/28/21: Ilaria & Marcella poly route had been added.
9/24/21: Chapter One has been delayed. Poly routes for Rowan & Orion, Dimitri & Florian, Marcella & Ari, and Ilaria & Emil/ia have been added.


What’s the story about


Question. Can you explain within the stats menu what each stat is for? While I can understand some of the stats like charisma, some magic stats like alchemy give me no clue to what it is used for.

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Normally alchemy involves potion making with weird shit like magic plants or parts of a monsters body so I guess whenever the time comes, you’ll be given the opportunity to make a healing potion, magic potion, transformation potion, etc.

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It’s basically a fantasy game centering around the conflict between two kingdoms, in which you eventually get to pick a side in the war. It has elements of magic and mythology (a mythos I created for the purpose of the game) and saying much more would go into spoiler territory.


Conjuring magic is summoning spirits and bending them to your will. A couple of examples would be making spirits corporeal and using them to fight for you or using a spirit to spy for you to get information.

Elemental magic is using the elements in battle (creating fire, lightning, wind, etc).

Alchemy is crafting potions (some can be used for battle).

Illusion magic is making your enemies see things that aren’t there, like crafting an illusion of soldiers attacking so they don’t pay attention to you. Very good for spying and has some combat usage as well.

Healing is just how skilled you are at healing with your magic.


Got those bugs fixed just now, thanks!


Love the prologue!! :heart:

Florian has catch my MC heart and will be my first play through RO😘.
Still, the other RO that hasn’t shown in the prologue, sound pretty interesting. Can’t wait to see how they all influence the story.


Will there be an option later in the future, where once you have a high enough level mastery in a certain attribute you get like a higher class of that attribute for example since right now you say we can use spirit’s as summon, what about once we you became like a master, would you be able to summon powerful beasts, demons, or a high class spirit

Also it doesn’t show the error, but there’s there’s error sometimes where your loaded back to to prologue, happened twice


Really liked how the continuity is upheald throughout the prologue. That’s one of the things that got me hooked. Also, lack of typos is a pretty good first impression :+1:

Questions -

  1. can we dump everything in knight training and go minimum magic as the game progresses? ( Noticed it said ‘you don’t know much about the arcane arts but E believes in us’ in the stats screen so I guess magical prowess will be mandatory?)
  2. how sucessful can I be in situations if I spend points on both knight and mage training?
    Example - I had 40 strength and 7magic stats. That’s fairly low for magic but can I get it to some point where physical and magic are both at a respectable point, what’s my chances of success and does it have any implications towards how the story will unfold?
  3. if I go for physical strength only or vice versa with magic is the content going to be different apart from our training sessions?
  4. Echoing what @Hector_Lopez said, can sufficient mastery in one specific skill set unlock god-like powers for that specific skill set?

Keep up the good work :beers:


Very interesting so far. The writing is nicely paced and the world seems solidly built so far. And those ROs are lookin’ real good right now. :wink:

My only criticisms currently are with the choices/stats currently. While the choices you’ve provided make sense and are well written, the stats they seem to influence kinda makes it hard to create characters with a certain personality beforehand. For example, I’ve had very little choices that would make my character more stoic rather than emotional in the early parts (though I might not be playing enough paths to tell 100% for sure so feel free to correct me).

And I don’t know if this is more of a code related bug or a dashingdon save issue, but when reloading a save, it sometimes loads the stats page instead of the main game so you have to start it over to proceed.

Stats Thingy

Overall, I really enjoy it so far and am hoping for more in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Argentum Hey! Thanks so much for the feedback! The save thing appears to be a dashingdon save issue from what I can tell. I’ve had it happen to me in other wip’s and I’ve changed things around in the code but it doesn’t seem to help.


@Hector_Lopez Hey! Thanks for all the feedback!

Yes, having a higher stat in one particular field of magic and/or your physical stat will mean more skills and abilities given to that class.

As for the loading, I’ve messed with some stuff in the code but it appears to be a dashingdon save issue.


@Paradox1 Thanks so much for the feedback!

You can definitely dump everything into physical training if you like! Per the plot of the game, the main character has some inherently magical qualities that make for a great mage, so even if you’re pure physical/ a knight, the important parts of the game still happen. No worries on that front!

If you end up doing a split route, with attention focused equally on physical strength and a chosen magic it might have some impact on stat checks later, but there won’t be overly many of those. You do have a chance in the prologue to pick mage or knight training, and in chapter one you can change your mind as well.

If you choose one or the other, it does have variation within the story beyond training. The way you approach combat and diplomacy later in the game is all influence by which magic stat you choose and/or your physical stat.

And yes, if you master one skill it does unlock god-like powers (funny you choose that wording lol).


Thanks, that clears up a lot of things!
Combat and diplomacy approach wrt physical strength / magic / both will surely increase the replayability of the game which is something to look foreward to.
Hehe, it popped up in my mind and sounded cool lol, so just went for it.

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this is a treat. another wonderful fantasy story to add in my bookmark. it seems the demo presented right now has a lot of fluff in between some sad moments, not sayin its bad just not used to an abundance of fluff thrown in the first part of the story. florian is such a sweetheart and for now occupies my heart. kinda leaning a little bit for orion but that’s only because im stuck in this weird obsession with ros that are hella bad, red flags everywhere and bonus is if they are on the other side of a fight. makes everything so spicy. im in my enemies to lovers mode. but i’ll immediately dip if my he ends up hurting my boi florian. cant wait for more!


Didn’t really delve into stats or anything but the playthrough I just finished I focused more on mage options and planning on ro Florian lol. As for the story I’ve seen so far and everything tied to it loving it and nothing jumped out at me as wrong far any errors or mistakes so great job.

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this was amazing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I love your writing and how you make the character feel so real
can’t wait for the next chapter :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds interesting and hope you implemented save

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