Fairmath normal math combo?

Does anyone know whether it is possible to use a combination of fairmath and normal math for stats when you are also using bars in your stat sheet?

The reason why I am asking is that I like fairmath, but sometimes it gives a result I don’t want. So I was wondering if I could have the majority of changes using fairmath, and then have things like this:

*if stat > 70
  *set stat - 10

  *set stat %- 10

I just want a way to avoid the stupidly huge drops for one wrong move, so it would be used very sparingly, and all stats would still be in the 0-100 range.

Yep, it’s possible. I use a combination in Monsters. Only thing is you need to implement a limiter when you do this, any time you use a non-fairmath stat jump. Like in the example above, under *set stat - 10, you’d need an *if stat < 0, *set stat 0. If there’s any chance at all of the stat going over 100 or under 0, that is.

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Thank you! Good to know. Need to make some adjustments in Fallen Hero, because I didn’t think too much about fairmath consequences until now.

Well, there’s no danger of a fairmath stat change going above 100 or under 0, just regular math stat jumps. That may help on coding time for you.

I wondered about that too, thanks.

Your example doesn’t really fit this, though. A fairmath drop of 10% will always be equal to or lower than a regular drop of 10. (At 70, it will result in a drop of 7.) Stupidly huge drops can occur, but only if you do something like %-40 (28 at 70), but then a regular drop of 40 would still be much greater. Fairmath works by making it easier to go towards the centre and harder to go towards the edges, which results in a more normalised distribution.

Technically not true. If you use increment the value by more than 100% in one jump (e.g. %-150), it will go above 100 or below 0.

XD I’ve never tried that, but it’s good to know!

I thought that fairmath worked both ends? Like at 50, it is as easy to go up as it is to go down, but at 70 it gives a bigger boost?

-goes to look things up-

Aaaah now I see. So a fairmath change of %10 at 50 will give a + 5 boost.

I had misunderstood that, looks like I don’t have to worry about as big drops as I feared. Thanks a lot!

Yes, at 50, it’ll be a change of 5 either way, and at 70 it’ll be 7 down and 3 up. (And vice versa at 30.)