Eyes of Night - be a shapeshifting vampire-zombie-owl-knight



I don’t have much so far: the MC is a knight, who was turned into a horrific blood craving undead owl-monstrosity by an as-of-yet-unknown sorcerer, and is keeping their humanity thanks to their newfound witch friend.

Not sure if I’ll even get any farther on it, but I had to get it out of my system.

Link to an extremely unfinished proto-demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/2318


do you mean owlbear or wendigo?


My major inspiration was actually the Strix, from Chronicles of Darkness. I’m leaving the actual form the MC takes when not-human up to the imagination, but that’s where I started.


this hahaha



Wow, that was quick! :smile:


Obviously, not finished. I typed out what little I had in less than an hour, so…


:laughing: This would certainly make for an interesting comedy. We do not get many laughs in these games.


I’m a slow writer, who needs plotting and can’t turn off my internal editor.
From my point of view, this is impressive. :kissing_heart:


See, that’s where I’m struggling a bit. While I’m tempted to play the premise completely straight, I do see it turning into an (incredibly dark) comedy, incredibly fast. It doesn’t help that I intentionally wrote the witch as being utterly flippant about the life and fate of her newfound companion, who she ~mysteriously~ knows the name of.

I’m sitting on this for now. Just wanted to push it out before I went back to work on The Imperial Shadow (no, it’s not dead).


Hahah, I’m so here for this.


Man this is a super interesting concept and the demo seems pretty solid for only being a few pages. I’m super intrigued and am definitely keeping an eye on it.


As am I. This writing is very good.


Seems interesting is it gender locked and will there be romance


Dam that was short did not know that


Fascinating idea. Looking forward to more!


Oh this concept is so cool!! I loved the demo, even though its a prototype. I can’t wait to see how this develops!


i like this story i hope you keep on goning


Yeah this really is pretty amazing given it was a one off idea that was sparked from a thread.


I leave for one chemistry class and I come back to this…

I mean, the title of this topic alone is a masterpiece.

I’m getting Diaval-from-Maleficient vibes and I love it.

And I know this was more an exercise to get it out of your system but it’s already got me hooked. By all means work on what you’d prefer, but know that I really like this skeleton of game so far, lol.


I love the idea and what I’ve seen in the demo. Good on ya mate!