Eyes of Night - be a shapeshifting vampire-zombie-owl-knight



This is a very zany wip and I haven’t seen much zanyness in while. I like it, brings me out of my serious mood.


Quite definitely not gender locked. The biological sex of your body, as well as a rough approximation of your human form’s body type (although the latter bit is just flavor, every little bit counts), are selectable right from the get-go. A conversation immediately after where the current prototype is will determine final gender.

As for romance, I have four main characters thought up and… yeah, “characters” is probably the best summary for them. All will be romanceable. Including a ghost, and a… something, haven’t worked out the details.


That will be a sight to see. In have never seen a person romance a ghost and very curious on how that works.


The real sight to see is whose ghost it is. That one’s probably going to throw people for a loop.


Are you going to pull a Sophia and give false spoilers. Or tease to kill people’s favourite character.


Nah, I’m more in the Cataphrak school of “intentionally vague, ominous statements”.


My guess then is that the ghost is you. It would make sense if your consciousness severed from your spirit and so you see yourself. So, if you can romance the ghost, you are actually engaging in… autoerotica?


Oh your style reminds me of another persons wip that I tried so hard to guess the ending of. Expect major pulling apart and conspiracy theories from me.


found this bad boy while testing some choices

loving the story so far!! any game where i can be a cool monster thing is my jam :sunglasses:


You should go with it. It would be nice to have a story of this type as I can’t think of any others that tell their story this way on the site. Dark comedy sounds fun.


Like you said, it is pretty short. But it’s very enticing! I definitely want more!

I already have an idea for my character, Wren. Think I might sketch him.


How do you romance a ghost?


You romance a ghost the same way you romance anyone else. Just, y’know… no physical stuff for the obvious reasons.

Ah, goodness, I’ve barely gotten started and I’ve inspired fanart.

Thank you. Know that the greatest compliment I could possibly recieve is someone being inspired by a work of mine.


What about ghosts manifesting a physical form like Sadako (Ring) and Kayako (Grudge)? I believe they’re called onryo.

Edit: Kayako is my favorite horror movie monster (I think she can be called that) so I’m adding a compilation


Owlbears remind me of Dungeons and Dragons.



Exactly what I meant :smiley:


Made an absolutely miniscule update that amounted to fixing all the broken bits, adding the stub of a bad end, and sorta-kinda introducing the second major NPC: the mercenary.


Ew, I’m not a fan of bad ends. Playing through a lot of VNs has shown just how easy it is to get them, and how it leaves me feeling unsatisfied. It’s like why did I bother to play this again? I guess as long as they don’t outnumber good endings and someone has to really try to get a bad end, then I’d be ok with it.


Well, as the stub states, I’m not going to be making too many bad ends. The purpose of even putting one this close to the beginning is to suggest to the reader that there are consequences to their actions. Most of said consequences will not be bad ends, but in the case of something like “go in a random direction in the wilderness that you probably don’t remember how to navigate through, fully well knowing the spell keeping you tenuously tied to what little humanity you have left might wear off at any moment” I’m not going to cop out and have nothing happen, or contrive events to steer you away.

In my opinion, not acknowledging a player’s trajectory in the game is far worse than giving a bad end or two.


Sometimes the bad ends are infinitely more interesting… (Looking at you, Kohjaku’s bad ending from Dmmd).