Extreme Kills? (Killing Time Spoilers)

Spoilers for Killing Time.

So I just finished my first couple play-throughs of Killing Time, but I could only uncover one extreme kill, when you’re at the café and you smash the guy’s head in with a wine bottle.

As I understand it, extreme kills refer to kills you perform that are, well, extreme. And yet somehow Phoenix’s death and the one harpoon guy’s death don’t count?

I let the sting ray kill Phoenix, assuming this would earn an Extreme Kill. I mean, it’s a sting ray barb in the neck. It’s pretty extreme. And yet, this doesn’t count as an extreme kill.

I also made the one harpoon guy stand in the ocean as I shot him with his own harpoon and watched him drown. This didn’t count as an extreme kill, either. All I got was a Heat point for it. (As well as a morbid sense of satisfaction, but that’s for me and my therapist to figure out, lol.)

So I guess my question is, do extreme kills only count when they’re against the targets you were paid to kill? I’m disappointed Phoenix’s death and the harpoon guy’s death didn’t count.


I know of two other ones:

You can kill Miller’s drugged up friend in Miami with a chainsaw, but you might have to have a high psychotic level.

And in the intro you can flip over a pursuer’s car somehow, and that counts.


Ah, that’s probably what my problem was. My psychotic level stayed pretty low the whole game.

Also, the chainsaw thing sounds awesome.

There’s four extreme kills in the game. I think you’ve mentioned them all while I was writing this up though and searching through the game files for them. :slight_smile:

Colombia: Search the jeep for some kind of improvised obstacle or distraction. (improvisation > 5)

Paris: Impersonate an owner in an attempt to lure Andre down to the wine cellar and kill him away from his bodyguards. (intelligence > 12) or (improvisation > 12)

Tahiti: Take the jeep. I decide the risk is worth the reward, and prepare myself for some deft maneuvering. (strength > 10) and (improvisation > 10)

Miami: Chainsaw to Adrian which you need a psychotic_level > 7 and I think you also need to be there alone.)


Thanks for finding them all out, as well as adding how to get them. :smile_cat: I still think the game could use more wild murders, but I was not disappointed.

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How can you travel to Japan?

80 respect and 125000$ by end

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I still can’t activate the Columbia extreme kill. I ended the game with 60 respect. I’m trying to get the Japan chapter