Export to html issue in choice script SDK

I am using choice script sdk with default game , The issue i am facing is about the export to html feature which only shows when i run run-server.bat file that run the game with default scenes , but when i run the other scene files using the index.html file in root directory the game compiles fine but the export to html button didn’t appear is there anyway i can achieve this, it would be great if someone from the community help me out

  1. Open a command window
  2. Switch to the directory where your compile.js is
  3. Type node compile
  4. Press Enter
  5. Your compiled html file will the be one called “output.html” in the same folder.

I want the export to html button on the page that appers after i upload the files here click on below link to image

The “Export to HTML” feature in ChoiceScript is designed to work when you run your game via the ChoiceScript server. This is why you see the “Export to HTML” option when you run the run-server.bat file.